Mrs. Ward’s kindergartners ‘Make Thanksgiving Dinner’

Mrs. Ward’s Cherry Hill Primary Kindergarten class recently explained how they make a Thanksgiving Dinner.

First you stuff the chicken, then mom and dad and Maria and nugget and family get together and have fun and play all fun games and eat lots of cookies, milk, cake, taters, stuffing. But eww. I don’t like it. Mommy and daddy makes all the yummy food. After dinner we clean up, do all kinds of dishes and put all the food away. We play for a little bit then after all that is done Mommy gives us pie. She makes all kinds apple pie, pumpkin pie, cheese cake so much yummy stuff. Is it Thanksgiving yet? The end!

— Marion D.

You can take some turkey and put salt on it. You can get a chicken leg and put editable sprinkles on it. Get some cornbread and put mashed potatoes on top. You need corn on the cob with butter and salt. I don’t know how to cook any of it though. For dessert, you need ice cream and sprinkles.

— Kalan M.

Buy food, bake stuff, bring the dogs, bring the kids and grandma to Thanksgiving. Bring a turkey and have a birthday. Wear a nice suit so grandma can say, “I like your suit.” Make a rainbow and a wedding cake.

— Corbin W.

First you put the chicken in the oven. And you can make pie with it. You put the blueberries in the pie and put it in the oven for four minutes. You put butter in the pan and the broccoli and then you cook it for a couple whiles. A salad, you get the package and you misk it up. You chop carrots up and put them in bowl and put stuff on them. And I want bacon. You get it in the pan and wait a couple seconds. Those things that Cylas liked, those zucchini, you put them in the pan and burn them. Chicken. Chicken nuggets. And now peanut butter and bajelly. Cheesburgers. You put pepperonis on the pizza and put it in the oven for 2 minutes and three hours. And rice crispies, you put salt on it and blueberries and put it in the oven for ten hours. And cookies, you put chocolates on the cookies and cook them for twelve hours. You can eat candy canes, in the oven. Rice, you get it out of the fridge and out it in that thing and shake it around and we put, what’s that called again, soy sauce and bacon on top. And this is my first time having donuts. I’m going to put cream on it. And now that’s all.

— Letty C.

First, baking the cake, then food n’ cupcakes, cook macaroni and cheese, that’s it. Then grill a steak. We play a game. We pray and we eat the all the food.

— Benson S.

You buy chicken and then you cook it. You buy mac & cheese, then you put it in the oven then eat it. You make bread first, cook it, then eat it. You get the noodles and put them in the microwave then eat them. Got to Kroger and buy mashed potatoes and cook it.

— Gage W.

First get a pan, spray the pan. Then put the turkey on it. Turn on the oven and cook it. When it’s done get it out. Let it cool down and then eat it.

— Farrah B.

Maybe make mash tatoes. Bake beans. Chicken noodles and gingerbread man. And mommy makes turkey.

— Gage G.

Get a turkey and you have to get everything cut that is in it and cook. You can cook it for 3 or 4 minutes. Then you chop it up and eat it. You can make sausage, cupcakes, and celebrate Thanksgiving.

— Jaleah H.

With spoons, spatulas, pizza cutter, knives, cups, forks, cheese grater, pans. Cut the turkey and eat.

— Lily D.

We make deviled eggs. Cook a Thanksgiving chicken. Mashed potatoes. We ate green beans. Make a cake. Pumpkin pie.

— Kaleb M.

How my family makes Thanksgiving dinner is, we cook a turkey and then we make mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, green beans, and doubled eggs then when that is all done, we sit down and eat.

— Braylen E.

Put the turkey in the oven. Then you take out of the oven and cut it u. Then eat it. Get noodles out and cook it. Get it out and eat it. Cut carrots up and put it in noodles. Then for dessert, pie and cake and put whip cream on it.

— Grace C.

Get a turkey and put it in the stove, then leave it in there for ten minutes. Take it out, let it cool off and eat it. Take a potato, take off the skin and mash with mixers for eight minutes. Put on the gravy and eat it. Get eggs and cookie mix. Make into any shape you want. Cook them for, I say about twenty minutes and then you can eat them. Save the leftovers for five years, but you can eat them every single day if you want to.

— Andrew N.

Um, get a turkey and cook it!

— Eli T.

You put it in the oven and when it’s done, you eat chicken. Some spicy things like barbeque. And fish and cheese puffs too. And get milk and tea too and apple juice.

— Virginia D.

Cook turkey in the oven for 2o minutes and takie it out when it’s done. Cook stuffing and when its done you eat it. Cook macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, and green beans. Put it all on a plate and eat it!

— Bobby B.

Umm.. baking turkey. Apple oie made out of apples. Mashed potatoes made out of tatoes. Mac and cheese made out of cheese. Fruit mixed together. Peas, gravy made out of gravy. Pudding pie. Chocolate chip cookies made out of chocolate chips. Homemade noodles and that’s it.

— Zaylyn B.

Cook it with the stove. You have to cook chicken, macaroni and cheese and juices to drink.

— Kinzley S.

Turkey and other foods. I see family with my brother. I love pumpkin pie with stuff on top it. It’s fun for me.

— Ali H.

Make eggs. Mashed potatoes. Water to make mashed potatoes. And that’s all.

— Hayden G.

Mommy, Daddy and Nana make Thanksgiving dinner.

— Jaycee D.

Mac and cheese and stuff. You put mac n’ cheese noodles and you let it sit in boiling water. You stir it. Then you put in cheese. Then you stir it again. And then it’s all done. That’s all I know.

— Abby L.