Mrs. Davis’ class answers ‘How would you make a Thanksgiving dinner?’


Students in Mrs. Davis’ Cherry Hill Primary Kindergarten class responded how they would make a Thanksgiving dinner.

I think you buy a turkey and then you cook it.

— Keelye Downs

You buy turkey, you cook it, you eat it for Thanksgiving, you make mashed potatoes, you have ham, you have pie with ice cream, we eat cookies for dessert too, we like to celebrate that’s what it is all about.

— Lyric Jordan

I think the turkey gets stuffed with bread and then you cook him and at him for Thanksgiving dinner.

— Remi Rogers

My name is Jocelynn and this is a description of how my family makes Thanksgiving dinner! We make corn and we even make turkey. Sometimes we eat other animals other than turkey. We have all our family around us. Then we pray after that we eat. Then after Thanksgiving over we put up our Christmas tree. And we eat dessert lots and lots of dessert.

— Jocelynn Long

We put stuff in the microwave and in the oven. And when it beeps that’s when we know the food is done. Then we can eat all day!

— Corbin Kneisley

Eat turkey. Get ready to go! Ready, set, go! Eat Macaroni!

— Colton Conger

Having a family all together eating turkey.

— Lilah Musser

Add chicken, I mean turkey. Pumpkin pie my favorite. I don’t know.

— Bailey Weimer

I’m gonna make mashed potatoes. Cut the potatoes, put on stove, when done smash them and that makes them mashed potatoes. Put water on y turkey, put it in the oven, cook for 10 minutes. Cut carrots, put them in the oven for 11 minutes. Put green beans in the oven for 12 minutes. Open the can of corn, put in pan on top of the stove. Cook for 6 minutes. Pumpkin pie-cut open pumpkin, take stuff out of pumpkin, add milk, cook on top of stove, cook for 8 minutes. Put rolls in oven for 9 minutes. Open the chicken put in oven. Cook for 4 minutes. That’s my Thanksgiving dinner.

— Bentley Gleadell

We put the turkey with hot sauce, pepper, mint, juice, salt then we put in the oven to cook. For dessert we make strawberry jelly cake, corn cake and pumpkin pie, chips, grapes dessert. We share with our friends, Jadon, Sherli and Scott.

— Ricardo Chavez

On Thanksgiving first we cook the turkey in the oven for really long. Then we do the macaroni and cheese in the basket. After we eat food we will have dessert, M&M cookies and chocolate chip cookies and ice cream.

— Liam Camp

You can have mac and cheese. We make ham rolls, first we make the weird stuff then you roll the ham up. You put the turkey in the oven first, then take it out, cut it, and check it, then put more grease on it. You can have cinnamon apple pie and a pumpkin pie.

— Keith Asbell

Turkey, chicken, French fries, more turkey and an apple. Heat turkey on oven for 12 minutes. Put it all on table then you eat it.

— Everick McTeague

Take a turkey and put it in the oven. First you have to get a real turkey and kill the turkey and cook it, with a cherry on top. Open a can of green beans and put them on the stove. Put a pumpkin in a pie crust and bake it for a pumpkin pie. Eat and enjoy.

— Gabe Tranner

First you put a turkey in the oven and let it cook. Then you make macaroni and cheese and put it in the microwave. And maybe some mashed potatoes but I don’t know how to make them. I also want green beans and lots of pie for afterwards, and then say a prayer.

— Cora St.Clair

I think its supposed to be cooked from the stove. You grab a knife, you cut the skin off and you eat the turkey. You put it in the oven you it out of the oven and you put it on the table. You grab all you family to come to the table, you get plates and get forks. You put the food on the paltes an dyou get napkins and you eat it.

— Eli Brock

My name is Addilyhnn Hooks. I want my grandma to take the turkey and put it in a pan and cook it. I want my grandma to make me macaroni and cheese. I love my grandma. Bake beans they are so good.

— Addilyhnn Hooks

I would put the turkey in oven. The potatoes I would cut into small pieces and put in the microwave and then in the fridge. The green beans would go on the stove. I will make pancakes with maple syrup. If I have pumpkin pie I would make it with pumpkin and chocolate. The brownies I would make them how my grandma would make them.

— Kailee Cottrell

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