Charm-n-Farm club holds Feb. meeting

By Trevor Minyo - Charm-n-Farm News Reporter

The fifth meeting of the Charm-n-Farm 4-H club was held on Feb. 19 at St. Colman Parish Center. President Clare Sollars called the meeting to order at 12 p.m. Pledges were led by Courtney Arnold and Wesley Nye. Secretary Laura Robinson conducted roll call and read the minutes of the previous meeting.

Safety officer Mcale Callahan gave a report on smoke alarms, and community service officer Therese Robinson asked club members to bring laundry products to the next meeting for a donation. The club was joined by guest speaker Miracle Holsinger of the Red Cross. Mrs. Holsinger talked to the club about the importance of donating blood, and what donated blood is used for.

Spencer Minyo moved to adjourn the meeting and Therese Robinson seconded.

By Trevor Minyo

Charm-n-Farm News Reporter