All-N-One 4-H club holds first 2017 meeting

By Lorelei King - All-N-One News Reporter

The All-N-One 4-H Club held its first meeting for 2017 on Jan. 17 at 7 p.m. at the Kroger’s conference room.

Andrea Robinson called the meeting to order. Garren Walker led the Pledge of Allegiance and Skylynn Barden led the 4-H Pledge. Madison Johnson took the attendance. Molly Mickle welcomed all new and old members, advisors and parents to the meeting. We went around the room introducing our self with name, what grade you were in and what school you attended. There were no minutes from the last meeting.

We elected new officers: President – Skylynn Barden, Vice President – Madison Johnson, Secretary – Hidy Kirkpatrick, Treasurer – Andrea Robinson, News Reporter – Lorelei King, Health – Cali Kirkpatrick, Safety – Taylor Perkins, Community Service – Peyton Johnson, Environmental – Lucas King, and Historian – Mary Gerber.

We passed out project books and enrollment forms that are due back ASAP and a tentative schedule of events for the club. Proposed several items to the club, they were voted on and passed: activity fee from $20 to $25, provide food and horses for the FFA judging (fund raiser), to sell Donatos card as (fundraiser), 4-H Constitution and All-N-One by-laws.

We discussed decorating Fayette Travel Centre window for Fayette County 4-H week, which will be held Feb. 5-11, the theme is “Find Your Fit in 4-H.” We formed a committee of Peyton Johnson, Cali Kirkpatrick, Katy Kotlinski and Alora Self to decorate the window.

We asked for volunteers to bake cookies for the Red Cross Blood Drive, which will be held on Feb. 14 at the Grace United Methodist Church. Abby Arledge, Trinity George, Trinity Hixon, Madison Johnson, Lorelei and Lucas King, Katy Kotlinski, Thomas May, and Andrea Robinson all volunteered to bake three dozen cookies each.

Molly Mickle thanked everybody for their hard work last year in making the club a Gold Club, thanked Kroger for the use of their conference room, reminded all members that they need to do a demonstration, Fayette County Fair is July 17-22 and passed around a paper to update addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

Present were 19 4-H members, three Cloverbuds, four Advisors, and 14 parents, to make a total of 40.

Refreshments were served by Andrea Robinson and Taylor Perkins. Our next meeting will be held on Feb. 7 at 7 p.m. at Kroger’s conference room. Anya Matthews, Mary Gerber and Trinity Hixon will provide refreshments for our next meeting.

By Lorelei King

All-N-One News Reporter