Successful production held over weekend at Heritage Church


WASHINGTON COURT HOUSE — Almost 2,000 people attended the cinematic religious production of Heaven’s Gate & Hell’s Flames at Heritage Church on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

The unique drama had its roots in prayer. The event drew other church memberships from Galloway, Laurelville, Circleville, Chillicothe, and Xenia, as well as many locals residents, to come witness the production.

A church spokesperson said the event was very rewarding and after the drama, they ministered to 181 persons who stepped forward for prayer and acceptance.

Heritage Church had invited Reality Outreach Ministries to come and show a picture of the afterlife through a cinematic live performance that included a balance of humor and tragedy.

Reality Outreach has been producing this drama for 43 years in various places and the group has two offices in Ohio. The production was made up of about 40 members of Heritage Church offering their talents through speaking and non-speaking parts to engage the audience in prayer.

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