Fayette Firearms 4-H club holds meeting at Fish & Game Club


The Fayette Firearms 4-H club met on Tuesday, Feb. 20 at the Fayette County Fish & Game Club. The members went through the pledges, roll call, minutes, treasurer’s report, as well as the safety officer, Luke Whitney, gave his report along with flag bearer, Zane Yeazel.

Old business was discussed with a reminder to get registered online and pay the club dues. Community service ideas will be gathered and discussed at the next meeting along with the information for the fundraisers the members will be doing. Demonstrations were done by Wyatt Meyer, Sarah, Anne and Luke Whitney, Henry Meyer, Wesley Creamer and Hunter Tanner.

Advisor Mitchell Kirby reviewed safety glasses and specifications for the recommended glasses to have for shooting. It is required to have safety glasses and hearing protection at the range for shooters and spectators. Advisor Woody Deskins reviewed how to find your eye dominance with the triangle method. He also demonstrated the three shooting positions and let all the members practice each one.

The next meeting with be Saturday, March 2 at the Fayette County Fish & Game Club shooting range.

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