Ultimate Shine Car Wash branches out to WCH


WASHINGTON COURT HOUSE — Ultimate Shine Car Wash, whose corporate office is in Tennessee, is branching out into Ohio. A new location was opened last week in Washington Court House on Commerce Boulevard near Aldi Grocery.

Ultimate has individual car washes for $9.95, but according to site manager Shonna Seymour, there are four wash packages available to purchase giving the customer unlimited monthly car washes. The first car wash is free and packages run from $19.95 to $39.95 depending on the services the customer prefers. The higher the price, the more services, like light wax on up to their ceramic wax, which gives a more weather protective coating.

A free car vacuum self-service is available with each of the monthly wash packages. If a customer just wants to vacuum out their car or truck, their purchased package will allow that service without a car wash.

Seymour said she currently has eight employees and they have had a good start to their opening.

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