World record-breaking runner visits WCH


WASHINGTON COURT HOUSE — On Veterans Day, the Boxed Fitness Endurance Event at Eyman Park drew a large crowd, including the well-known, world record-breaking runner, Harvey Lewis, who surprised the community with a special visit.

Right now is always the right time to be active, and as the leaves fall from the trees, what a wonderful weekend to be outside and highlight Washington Court House and all that it has to offer, event organizers said. That’s why, for the second time, Boxed Fitness has hosted an endurance event in the city, featuring over 30 participants who represented multiple states and countries.

“This weekend is special to us as it honors Veterans Day,” said Boxed Fitness owner, Brooklyn McDonnell.

Participants had the option to see how far they could walk or run in three, six, or 12 hours, and many people came with their specific goals and objectives. According to McDonnell, two local fitness enthusiasts represented the “#22ADAY” by running 22 miles with a heavily weighted vest, and completed 220 push-ups throughout the course.

Other runners, according to McDonnell, had goals of racing in every Ohio county and checked “Fayette” off the box, while some just wanted to come to Ohio and experience the hospitality. Friends and family gathered around Eyman Park to watch everyone complete laps around the park in the perfect running conditions.

That afternoon, Lewis surprised the community with his supportive appearance. Lewis is a well-known endurance runner, world record breaker, and Big Dog’s Backyard Ultra World Champion with 450 miles in 108 hours. The champion endurance runner spent time on the course with local participants who were “awestruck” of both his presence, and his pure down to earth positive attitude supporting them.

McDonnell spoke of the event’s amazing turn-out, “we are thankful for our community and those who came out to be a part of something incredible.”

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