GREENFIELD — The Miami Trace High School and Middle School cross country teams competed in the season-opening meet at Mitchell Park in Greenfield Saturday, Aug. 26, 2023.

The Miami Trace Middle School girls team won their event, with 33 placement points.

The Panthers’ boys and girls high school teams each finished in fourth place.

The Miami Trace Middle School boys did not have the requisite number of runners to record a team score.

For Miami Trace in the girls middle school race, Karlee Johnson placed fifth out of 26 runners in 14:24.

Cailin Johnson was ninth in 15:45; Kaytlyn Burns placed 10th in a time of 16:02; Emily Parsley was 12th in 16:29; Maddie McClaskey was 13th in 17:08; Kami Kulin finished 21st in 19:43.

Sophie William of Zane Trace won in 13:00.

For Greenfield, Lila Bans placed third in 13:49; Kalliegh Freeze was sixth in 15:02; Alaina Best was 16th in 17:27; Riley Lanning finished 23rd in 24:06 and Marley Hale was 24th in 24:08.

For Hillsboro, Quinn Swope placed second in 13:06.

Parker Wilkin was seventh in 15:21; Emarey Schurman was 11th in 16:20; Abrianna Anderson finished 17th in 17:32.

Karleigh Cooper was the top placer for the Miami Trace girls high school team, taking ninth out of 50 competitors in 23:27.

Kamika Bennett was 24th in 26:41; Tori Peterson finished 27th in 27:34; Bella Shull was 28th in 27:46; Paige Fitzgerald was 30th in 28:35; Belle DeBruin was 31st in 28:55; Zoey Blanton was 40th in 30:28; Jayda Jones placed 42nd in 30:58; Nora Morrison was 43rd in 31:22.

Molly Seabaugh of East Clinton won the event in 21:12.

Jailyn Williams of Hillsboro was third in 21:23. Also for Hillsboro: Taylor Thoroman, sixth, 22:10; Ramsey Haines, eighth, 23:18; Brooklyn Lucarello, 15th, 24:48; Olivia Covault, 16th, 25:02; Abbey Letts, 18th, 25:20; Bryauna Bailey, 19th, 25:53; Claire Winkle, 29th, 27:52; Sofia Mezo-Mil, 45th, 31:01.

Brooke Baldwin was the first runner from McClain to finish. She placed 14th in 24:41.

Also for McClain: Katrina Sturgeon, 22nd, 26:21; Sierra Barton, 23rd, 26:31; Laura Barber, 34th, 29:40; Ashley Mitchell, 37th, 30;06; Bailey Mitchell, 41st, 30;45; Laura Stevenson, 49th, 37:03.

Madelyn Wiseman was 25th for Fairfield in 26:45. Also for Fairfield: Emelia Roehm was 46th in 32:55; Eleanore Warner was 47th in 33:22 and Campbell Anne Friend was 48th in 34:10.

Eli Fliehman led Miami Trace with a seventh place finish out of 63 runners with a time of 18:35.

Joshua Lewis was 19th in 21:13, followed by Justin Everhart in 20th place in 21:19; Garrett Carson was 30th in 22:25; Justin Robinson was 37th in 22:59; Lyndon Phillips placed 44th in 24:51; Connor Hostetler was 49th in 26:49; Ethan Smith was 60th in 31:29.

Corbin Winkle of Hillsboro won the event in 17:12.

Also for Hillsboro: Rason Brunck, fourth, 18:07; Chris Sowders, ninth, 19:14; Ryan Howland, 10th, 19:20; Cooper Swope, 16th, 20:09; Jayden Wells, 52nd, 27:55; Jacob Schommer, 53rd, 29:09.

Dart Stovall of McClain was the top Tiger runner, placing 32nd in 22:38.

Also for McClain: Zach Scales, 41st, 23:46; Nathan Alvarez, 47th, 26:12; Nicholas Alvarez, 48th, 26:13; Jeese Van Hoose, 55th, 30:00; Avery Truman, 61st, 31:50.

For Fairfield, Zach Shsaruk was the top placer, finishing 17th in 20;10.

Also for the Lions, Britton Campbell was 18th in 21:06; Nolan Campbell was 21st in 21:29; Mason Lightle was 23rd in a time of 21:49; Jordan Bennington was 24th in 21:50; Caleb Rice placed 26th in 22:02; Ryan Smith was 29th in 22:15; Connor Ayers was 34th in 22:41; Griffin Friend was 43rd in 24:32; Zayden Hixon was 57th in 30;49; Hayden Barrera was 58th in 31:16; Gregary Schtermann placed 62nd in 32;56 and John Kier was 63rd in 33:12.

In the middle school boys race, Miami Trace’s Wesley Creamer was the first Panther to finish. He placed eighth out of 34 runners in 13:08.

Also for Miami Trace: J.D. King, 28th, 16:24; Kaden Batson, 29th, 16:40; Owen Copas, 32nd, 18:09.

Alexander Reed of Hillsboro won the event in 11:32.

Also for Hillsboro: Mason Rinal, fifth, 12:12; Trenton Gulley, 11th, 13:27; Luke Letts, 12th, 13:28; Tyler Bender, 16th, 14:09.

Isaac Michey of Greenfield was 13th in 13:38. Zander Lyons was 30th in 16:44.

Blake Walters of Fairfield placed seventh in 12:16. Also for the Lions: Vinny Ballard was 10th in 13:15; Cameron Caudill was 15th in 14:08; Korbin Hixon was 17th in 14:32; Tyrus Cumberland was 26th in 15:45 and Owen Kier was 34th in 27:02.

Middle School Girls Team Scores

Miami Trace, 1st, 33; Bloom-Carroll, 2nd, 41; Greenfield, 3rd, 52

High School Girls Team Scores

Bloom-Carroll, 1st, 35; Hillsboro, 2nd, 38; Zane Trace, 3rd, 88; Miami Trace, 4th, 101; McClain, 5th, 111

High School Boys Team Scores

Bloom-Carroll, 1st, 24; Hillsboro, 2nd, 39; Fairfield, 3rd, 98; Miami Trace, 4th, 102; Zane Trace, 5th, 119; East Clinton, 6th, 152; McClain, 7th, 185

Middle School Boys Team Scores

Bloom-Carroll, 1st, 30; Hillsboro, 2nd, 37; Fairfield, 3rd, 55

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