Fayette Co. Junior Fair Guys & Gals Sheep Lead winners


The Fayette County Junior Fair Guys & Gals Sheep Lead was held at the Sales Arena on Sunday evening. The Class 1 Pairs winners were, left to right, Esselen Tattersall and Elouise Tattersall.

The Class 2 Ages 3-4 winner was Charley Faith Warner.

The Class 3 Ages 6-8 winner was Esselen Tattersall.

The Class 4 Ages 6-8 winners was Elouise Tattersall.

The Class 5 Ages 9-10 winner was Scarlett Sims.

The Class 6 Ages 12-14 winner was Eloise Roehm.

The Class 7 Ages 15-16 winner was Evelyn Roehm.

The 2023 Fayette County Junior Fair Lamb & Wool Queen is Mackenzie Cory.

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