Washington Fire Dept. reports


The following fire reports were released by the Washington Fire Department (WFD):

July 1 – 708 Briar Ave.

FD responded to a possible gas leak. On arrival, Center Point Gas was already on scene. FD made contact with the gas company employee, and he advised FD that they were not needed. FD cleared the scene.

July 1 – 209 Belle St.

FD responded to a smell of gas in the residence. FD checked the house with a combustible gas meter and detected 2.2 percent LEL near the hot water heater and detected a smaller leak in the crawl space. FD turned off the gas at the meter and requested the gas company to be notified. FD advised the occupant of the findings. The occupant advised they would stay somewhere else until repairs were made. FD cleared the scene.

June 28 – 437 Warren Ave.

FD responded to the smell of gas near the residence. FD checked the area and were informed by the caller that the smell was worse in the back yard. FD checked the area with a combustible gas meter and located a propane grill with the tank valve accidentally left on. FD turned off the propane tank and cleared the scene.

June 28 – 432 Earl Avenue

FD responded to the report of a transformer fire. On arrival, AES was already on scene and advised FD that there was no problem there.

June 28 – 14 Hampton Ct.

FD was requested for a possible electrical problem inside a residence. On arrival, FD made contact with the caller and checked the residence with a thermal imaging camera. Several outlets were not functioning. FD checked the breaker box and located a faulty breaker. FD recommended to have an electrician make repairs.

June 27 – Carolyn Road

FD responded to a motor vehicle accident with injuries. On arrival, FD was informed by police that there were no injuries and FD was not needed. FD cleared the scene.

June 25 – 702 W. Elm St.

Received station tone from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office reporting a generator at the neighboring property sounds like it could blow-up, terrible odor outside. FD noted a strong odor of natural gas prior to arrival and at the time of arrival, discovered a major gas leak at the rear of building near the parking area of to the East side of the alley running North to South. FD immediately requested Center Point Energy to be dispatched to the scene. Initial FD investigation did not locate any generator and was informed by complainants the blowing gas was the sound reported to dispatch. FD advised all residents outside and in the immediate area to evacuate until further notice. Further investigation eliminated any other problems and found the source of the natural gas leak was blowing from near the supply line valve. FD shut off the exterior valve and was not able to isolate the leak. FD coordinated with officers from the Washington Police Department to evacuate the entire half-block and dispatch to send out an alert to avoid the area. Further investigation determined the leak was before the shut-off valve and possibly underground. FD coordinated the rerouting of traffic flow in and through the immediate area. FD was given a key to access the building and made entry through the rear alley door to check for the build-up of gas and determine concentration levels inside the structure. FD shut off a second valve on the interior located adjacent to the source of the leak out of due caution. FD conducted constant air-monitoring of the effected half block in intervals. A technician from Center Point arrived on-scene and was able to isolate and shut down the supply of natural gas to the structure at the curb-stop and later notified FD personnel of a broken line. The technician advised the gas would remain shut off at the curb-stop until repairs could be made. FD rechecked the interior conditions and found small concentrations still remaining in the lower level on the opposite side of the wall where the leak was located. FD advised the property owner of the situation and advised to stay out of the building until the next day.

June 24 – 1809 Columbus Ave.

Received station tone from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office reporting a juvenile with his/ her leg stuck in a drain at the rear of the building. At the time of arrival, FD found adults supporting the juvenile with the left leg wedged and stuck up to the upper thigh area. FD padded around the patients’ leg and cribbed the open grate area immediately in contact with the affected leg. FD utilized hydraulic rescue tools to cut and pry the grate enough to disentangle the patient. Patient care was transferred to members from the Fayette County Life Squad. FD advised the property owner to secure the grate opening and have the grate replaced.

June 22 – 1240 Columbus Ave.

FD received station tones for a mulch fire. FD arrived on scene and found no fire in the mulch and that it had been extinguished by a bystander. FD made sure the fire was out and thanked the person for extinguishing the fire.

June 22 – 555 Depot Dr.

FD received a call for a carbon monoxide detector alarming. FD arrived on scene and investigated and did not detect any carbon monoxide at the time of the check. FD advised all occupants that there was no carbon monoxide detected at this time.

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