Washington Fire Dept. reports


The following fire reports were released by the Washington Fire Department (WFD):

June 2 – 441 Rowe Ging Road

FD responded to a report of black smoke in the area. FD checked the area and were unable to locate.

June 2 – 1354 Rawlings St.

FD was requested by Fayette County EMS for a lift assist.

May 31 – 99 Summit Ln.

Received station tone from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office reporting a general fire alarm, zone 66, apartments 127 and 128. FD did not find any smoke or fire at the time of arrival and was notified by maintenance personnel that the residence was cooking and smoked up the apartment. FD investigation confirmed there were no other known issues other than smoke from cooking and ventilated both apartments.

May 30 – 1895 Lowes Blvd.

FD responded to a fire alarm activation with water flow from riser 4. While responding, dispatch advised of an additional riser with water flow. A tone for station coverage was requested. FD arrived on scene and met with security in the guard shack, who had no knowledge of the alarm. E134 staged at the FDC. Tower 138 and made entry into the building to investigate the alarm. A mutual aid engine was requested to cover the station. Firefighters checked the warehouse and found the fire pump running. Firefighters continued checking the building risers and found a leaking sprinkler pipe. Command cancelled the mutual aid engine and released E-134 to return to station. Firefighters shut off and drained riser 2 to prevent water damage to stored materials. A key holder was requested to the scene. Firefighters manually shut down the fire pump and silenced the alarm. The Assistant Manager arrived on scene and was notified of the situation. Management advised they would have repairs made and place the alarm in test mode. They would also have security perform a fire watch every hour until repairs are made.

May 30 – 123 W. Kennedy Ave.

FD was requested for the smell of gas inside a residence. FD checked the residence with gas metering equipment and no leaks were detected.

May 29 – 2893 US 22 SW

FD responded to a motor vehicle accident with injuries. FD checked the scene for safety and assisted EMS.

May 29 – 1810 Victoria St.

Received station tone from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office advising a passer-by reports a building on fire. FD was advised by dispatch while en route that officers from the Washington Police Department were on scene and reported the fire was outside. FD found heavy fire and dense smoke located on the Southwest of the exterior with significant impingement and exposure to the structure at the time of arrival. FD located the FDC and water supply and set-up for a transitional fire attack. FD was advised by officers an evacuation was in progress and would report back when complete. FD exterior 360 noted the impingement / involvement of the facility electrical transformer and immediately requested the dispatch of AES. FD did not find any other signs of extension past the involved stairwell. FD was advised all occupants were out and accounted for and entered the front door to evaluate fire spread and structural conditions in / near the Southwest stairwell. FD found minimal smoke in the first-floor corridors and a light haze in the second-floor corridor. FD found heavy smoke within the Stairwell and noted the sprinkler system was activated and flowing. Command was notified of possible fire showing through the roof above the stairwell and with concerns about the structural stability of the wood stairwell, FD decided a combined fire attack from the ground floor landing and exterior was safest. FD set up positive pressure ventilation in coordination with the fire attack and performed a secondary search. FD found the sprinkler system had contained the fire spread to the exterior and above the dry walled ceiling in the South-West stairwell, preventing fire spread throughout the attic space. FD requested Center Point Energy and the Red-Cross to be dispatched. FD performed salvage and overhaul operations and confirmed the fire was extinguished. FD determined the fire originated at / near a large pile of stored building materials next to the exterior Southwest stairwell and spread to the building where it spread vertically into the attic through voids in the exterior wall. FD was not able to determine a cause and requested the State Fire Marshall to be dispatched for further investigation.

May 28 – 3776 Route 38

Received station tone from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office reporting a large fire and black smoke near Mathews Road and US 62 North. FD was advised while en route that the fire was on SR 38 and was possibly a controlled burn. FD found a moderate fire with little smoke coming from a pit in the ground at the time of arrival. FD was informed by the deputy on-scene that the property owner dug a pit and was burning part of an old barn that had collapsed. FD investigation found no hazards and determined the fire was nearing the smoldering stage. FD advised the property owner of the burning rules and regulations and gave permission to let the remnants burn out within the parameters of an approved open-burn permit.

May 28 – 725 Briar Ave.

Received station tone from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office requesting a non-emergent response for lift assistance. FD provided manpower to the Fayette County Life Squad.

May 25 – 548 Clinton Ave.

FD responded to a mulch fire near the fuel station. On arrival, no smoke or fire was visible. FD checked the area and made contact with an employee who advised them that the mulch near the pharmacy was on fire. Employees extinguished the fire with water prior to FD arrival.

May 23 – W. Court St.

FD was requested for oil dry at a vehicle accident scene.

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