Washington Fire Department reports


The following fire reports were released by the Washington Fire Department (WFD):

Feb 28 – 3172 US Hwy 62 SE

FD received a call from Miami Trace Bus Garage who advised a bus driver contacted them by radio about a barn or shed on fire near Staunton. FD advised them to contact Fayette County Sheriff’s Office using 911. FD received a second call shortly after advising some sort of building fire and confirmed it was in Union Township. Upon marking en route, FCSO advised of a controlled burn in the area in Concord township. Firefighters checked the area and confirmed a controlled burn near Mark Road and US 62. While returning to the station, firefighters saw a small fire behind a house at 3172 US 62. Firefighters drove back to investigate and found an outbuilding on fire. Two adults were attempting to extinguish the fire. FD met with the occupants and were told the fire was started accidentally by grinding mower blades and the fire became out of control. The occupants advised no injury and did not wish to be evaluated by EMS. Firefighters extinguished the fire which was near a wooded area and a grassy field. Wayne Township FD was requested mutual aid to cover the station until WCH fire units became available for additional calls.

Feb 27 – 727 S. Main St.

Received station tone from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office reporting a tree down in the roadway, blocking both lanes. FD found a large tree broken at ground level and completely blocking both North and South lanes of travel at the time of arrival. FD confirmed there was no property damage to vehicles and was informed by officers from the Washington Police Department that the service department was dispatching a clean-up crew. FD assisted with creating a safe area and rerouting the flow of traffic.

Feb 25 – 400 N. Glenn Ave. Apt 212

FD was requested for a carbon monoxide check. FD checked the apartment with a four-gas meter and no carbon monoxide was found.

Feb 21 – 1011 Farmington Ln.

Received call from occupant reporting a burning rubber odor that was not getting better. FD did not find any smoke or fire and noted occupants evacuated at the time of arrival. FD was informed the odor was in the garage area only. FD noted a strong odor and a slight haze at the time of making entry but did not find any smoke or fire. FD investigation found a malfunctioning compressor on the deep freeze, causing the problem. FD unplugged the unit and moved it out from the walls.

Feb 21 – Mulberry St.

Received station tone from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office reporting a vehicle fire in a junkyard. FD found a secured gate to an outside storage area with light smoke observed coming from behind an ambulance at the time of arrival. FD gained access to the lot and found fire on the ground under the passenger side box unit. FD extinguished the fire and found fire was dropping down from the rear box. FD gained entry and found heavy smoke and fire inside the rear box unit. FD extinguished the fire and overhauled both the box and drivers compartment to extinguish fire extension. FD determined the fire originated in the rear box on a bench located on the passenger side. FD determined there was no AC/DC power supplied to the unit but was not able to identify the cause of ignition.

Feb 21 – 315 Broadway St.

Received call from occupant reporting an odor of natural gas when the furnace runs. FD investigation found readings of 160ppm of natural gas while the furnace was in operation. FD was able to isolate the furnace by shutting off the gas supply to the furnace only. FD shut off the thermostat and advised the occupant to contact the landlord to have the furnace serviced/repaired.

Feb 21 – 375 Glenn Ave.

Received station tone from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office reporting a general fire alarm. FD did not find any visible smoke or fire and noted no active evacuation at the time of arrival. FD was informed by maintenance personnel that a light ballast had overheated, smoking up the nurses station and activating the alarm. The alarm was reset by facility staff prior to FD arrival and repair/replacement was in progress.

Feb 18 – 1350 Nicholas Pl.

Received station tone from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office reporting a house full of smoke, all occupants are out. The initial arriving officer found light gray smoke showing from the front gable vent and both side gable vents with occupants in the driveway. FD confirmed all occupants were out of the house and accounted for and observed dense gray smoke through the open overhead garage door banking down approximately four to five feet from the garage ceiling at the time of arrival. FD noted a glow inside the house through the open door from the garage to the interior. An initial assessment confirmed an active fire on the floor and up the wall with possible penetration into the attic space. The initial report of findings and instructions were relayed to the incoming engine crew and a 360 walk-around was completed. FD initiated a fire attack and set up positive pressure ventilation. FD performed salvage and overhaul operations and gained access to the attic to search for possible fire extension. FD requested utility providers to be dispatched to secure utilities to the residence. FD investigation determined the fire originated on/near the stove top but was not able to determine the cause of ignition.

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