Rose second on uneven bars at Thomas Worthington


WORTHINGTON — Abby Rose, a Washington High School senior, scored an 8.15 from the judge to place second on the uneven bar event at the Thomas Worthington competition.

The local high school gymnasts stood in the award placings several times as they represented their individual schools soundly.

It was senior night at Thomas Worthington. All four schools honored their seniors and parents on this evening.

Thomas Worthington won their own meet with a combined 126.95 score. Second place was earned by Tri Valley (122.4) while Miami Trace took third with a 121.95 team score.

Event placings are as follows:


Maryn Mustain (WCH), 3rd, 8.2; Tori Johnson (MT), 3rd, 8.2; Zandra West (MT), 4th, 8.1; Claire Robinson (Adena), 5th, 8.0; McKinley Kelley (MT), 5th, 8.0; Abby Rose (WCH), 6th, 7.9

Uneven Bars

Abby Rose (WCH), 2nd, 8.15; Maryn Mustain (WCH), 4th, 8.0; Claire Robinson (Adena), 6th, 7.6; Zandra West (MT), 7th, 7.4; McKinley Kelley (MT), 8th, 7.2; Tori Johnson (MT), 8th, 7.2

Balance Beam

Claire Robinson (Adena), 5th, 8.0; Kyana Sponseller (MT), 5th, 8.0; Zandra West (MT), 7th, 7.35; McKinley Kelley (MT), 8th, 7.3

Floor Exercise

McKinley Kelley (MT), 4th, 8.4; Maryn Mustain (WCH), 5th, 8.35; Tori Johnson (MT), 6th, 8.3; Zandra West (MT), 7th, 8.1; Claire Robinson (Adena), 8th, 8.0


Maryn Mustain (WCH), 5th; Claire Robinson (Adena), 6th; Zandra West (MT), 7th; Abby Rose (WCH), 8th; McKinley Kelley (MT), 8th

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