Land Transfers


The following land transfers were recently released online:

Recorded Jan.5

Morgan E. Pentzer and Garrett M. Pfeifer to Dana Kellenberger, 714 High St., consideration $175,000.

James S. and Sandra M. Clawson to Old Oak Property Management, 14 & 16 Main St., consideration $89,900.

Recorded Jan. 6

Nancy A. and Ronald D. Ratliff Trust to Grant C. and Marissa A. Ratliff, 47.17 acres in Perry Twp., consideration $168,000.

Richard and Gertrud Wright to Charles E. and Debra Hughes, 5346 Locust Grove Road, consideration $480,000.

G & J Property Management LLC to Samuel and Kelly Russell, 321 Peabody Ave., consideration $92,500.

Bret Eubanks to Dalton Leyes, 211 Market St., consideration $153,800.

Recorded Jan. 9

Pamela S. Petitt to DJT Hawk Enterprises LLC, 239 Henkle St., consideration $52,500.

Recorded Jan. 10

Jaime Gill to Bonnie Jarvis, 16 Maple St., consideration $165,000.

Eric Mitchell, Jincie B. Hendershot, Robert L. Hendershot, Kristen Mitchell, Austin Drenski, Cinda A. Burns, Charles Burks, and Jincie B. Dennis to Rocky Glacier Properties LLC, 525 Albin Ave., consideration $115,000.

Dave Stewart to Creative Property Group LLC, 1 Plum St., consideration $20,000.

Chaves and Megan Huston to Daniel and Amanda Adkins, 0.3266 acres in Madison Twp., consideration $5,000.

Recorded Jan. 11

Ohio State Property Investors LLC to Jen Ames LLC, 815 S. North St., consideration $30,000.

Fayette County Land Re-utilization Corp to Community Action Commission of Fayette County, 414 Earl Ave.

Fayette County Land Re-utilization Corp to Community Action Commission of Fayette County, 903 S. North St.

Richard R. and Sara Davidson, Davidson Farms Inc to Crossventure1 LTD, 53.7883 acres in Jeffersonville Twp., consideration $2,869,200.

Recorded Jan. 12

Ronald J. and Debbie H. Weade to Timothy D. and Doreen C. Snyder, 3.605 acres in Wayne Twp., consideration $55,000.

Peggy J. Jones to Caleb Macdonald, 229 N. Fayette St., consideration $60,000.

Recorded Jan. 13

Dawn Sommar Brown to Christopher Rutledge, 622 Gregg St., consideration $187,900.

Robert Hawkins to Keyanoosh Razi Trust and N. Main St. Trust Number 53, 53 N. Main St., consideration $1,000.

James R. and Kaylee D. Jones to Clara J. and Creed I. Stonerock III, 1.950 acres in Madison Twp., consideration $305,000.

Recorded Jan. 17

Fayette County Humane Society to City of Washington, 3.0001 acres.

Thurman and Rhonda Willis to Aaron and Danielle Snyder, 5.743 acres in Union Twp., consideration $395,000.

TDC Farms LLC to Gregory G. Pasden and Steven C. Beaver, 7.262 acres in Paint Twp., consideration $390,000.

Brian C. and Uma A. Hackworth to Courtney McCoy and Demetrius Short, 4.0096 acres in Jefferson Twp., consideration $194,000.

Recorded Jan. 18

Joseph D. and Patricia Howard to Harold Fuller Jr., 4.303 acres in Wayne Twp., consideration $36,500.

Recorded Jan. 19

Branen L. Weade Properties LLC to Branden and Cara Frederick, 423 Hickory Ln., consideration $175,000.

Darena L. Pritchard, Darena L. Woolever, Steven Mallow to Clinton J. and Lisa Cummings, 7.468 acres in Wayne Twp., consideration $348,000.

Lana and Ray Crain, Randall Jamison to Benjamin F. Jamison V, 603 & 609 Leesburg Ave.

Amy and Gregory Knisley to Kathy and Homer Castle, 240 Riverdale Cir., consideration $459,900.

Richard A. Leeth to Wade S. Pottinger, 3751 Main St., consideration $13,000.

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