Annual county reorganizations completed


FAYETTE COUNTY — With the beginning of the new year comes the reorganization of many government entities, including at the county level.

Dan Dean was voted by his fellow county commissioners — Jim Garland and Tony Anderson — as president of the board of commissioners for 2023. Garland was appointed as vice president, Dana Foor as administrative clerk and Sue Smith as assistant clerk.

Other appointments for 2023 include:

– Anderson as the designee to the Solid Waste Management District Policy Committee representing the commissioners

– Dean as the commissioners’ representative to the Travel and Tourism Board

– Garland as the designee and Anderson, alternate, to the Community Action Commission Board of Trustees representing the commissioners

– Fayette Williamson as the designee to the Community Action Commission Board of Trustees representing the county commissioners

– Anderson as Fayette County’s chairman of the OVRDC Executive Committee

– The county commissioners and county engineer Steve Luebbe as the commissioners’ representatives to the Board of Trustees of the Community Improvement Corporation of Washington Court House and Fayette County

– Sarah Sowell, Family and Consumer Sciences Educator, as the commissioners’ representative to the Family and Children First Council.

– Butch McCoy has been re-appointed to the Fayette County Fair Housing Board for a four-year term ending Oct. 11, 2026.

In other business, the commissioners recently entered into a contract with Rumpke of Ohio, Inc. for collection and disposal of waste material at the following locations:

– Fayette County Ag Building, 1415 US Route 22 SW: Two-yd container serviced 1x/per week at $68.39 per month

– Fayette County Animal Shelter, 1550 Robinson Road: Two-yd container serviced 1x/per week at $68.39 per month

The term of the agreement is three years and will automatically renew for successive three-year terms unless either party gives written notice of their intent not to renew the agreement by certified mail.

Also, the Fayette County Department of Job and Family Services entered into an occupancy agreement with the commissioners for the use of office space on the first and second floors of the Fayette County Administrative Building, 133 S. Main St. in Washington Court House. The department is leasing approximately 14,343 square feet of office space for one year beginning Jan. 1, 2023.

The Fayette County Land Bank Board of Directors recently met, as well, with the following board members present: Tony Anderson, Joe Denen, Penny Patton, Buck Minyo and Branen Weade. Also in attendance were: Ben Iden, Bambi Baughn, Steve Creed, Nathan Zukowitz, Mark Miller, Rod Bryant and Jim Garland.

Patton provided the treasurer’s report, which included a beginning balance of $220,689.68; after expenses and revenue the ending balance is $225,458.23.

The Demolition and Revitalization Grant Program is proceeding. Ben Iden of Ramboll gave an update on the progress of the pending demolition of the following properties: 803 N. North St, 633 Church St., 828 S. Main St., 624 Rawlings St., 903 S. North St., 304 S. North St. 722 Church St., 93/932 E. Temple St., 324 N. Main St., 704 Columbus Ave., 710 Columbus Ave.

Denen made the motion to authorize Iden to proceed as a turnkey project with Ramboll handling most of the processes including advertising for bids, hiring contacts, scheduling and other requirements of the grant.

Nathan Zukowitz updated the board on the following properties, they are all in various stages of the foreclosure process: 304 N. Fayette St., 1227 Willard St., 726 Rawlings St., 520 Carolyn Rd., 637 Harrison St., 1226 E. Paint St., 6647 Stafford Rd., 738 E. Paint St., 1221 E. Paint St., 422 Broadway St., 803 N. North St., 615 E. Paint St., 433 E. Court St, 1004 John St., 318 Florence St., 817 Broadway St., 419 Western Avenue, 710 Clinton Ave., 304 S. North St., 310 Cherry St., 1228 E. Paint St., 834 E. Paint St., 503 S. North

Denen presented a list of properties for consideration for the Land Bank: 319 N. Hinde St., empty lot with substantial back taxes owed; 720 S. North St., empty lot with substantial back taxes owed; 610 Sycamore St., empty lot that city owns lot and would like to transfer to Land Bank; 322 N. Main St. and 36 Hickory St., more research is needed before Land Bank can proceed.

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