State report card highlighted in MT address


The Miami Trace Local School District released the third part of its 2023 State of the District address on Wednesday evening.

The purpose of this online segment was to highlight the core academic areas that are rated using the state’s local report card.

Miami Trace Superintendent Kim Pittser spoke for the duration of the segment on Wednesday.

“Recent test scores continue to show the effects that the pandemic had on learning. While we ranked in the top half in the region in 18 of 20 tested areas, we are working diligently to improve instruction and our intervention process known as multi-tiered systems of support, or MTSS. This process has been supported with Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds.”

She continued, “In recent legislation, the state changed the way public schools are evaluated. For the past several years, we received letter grades for six components. Now, the state assigns star ratings for these components.”

Miami Trace received four out of five stars for achievement, three out of five stars for progress, five out of five stars for gap closing, four out of five stars for graduation, and three out of five stars for early literacy.

Pittser then took a moment to share her gratitude for the teaching and support staff at Miami Trace.

“I’m very thankful for our staff. They work hard to provide a healthy learning environment. Working with students is truly a calling. We are proud to be called to this endeavor at Miami Trace. We would also like to thank our board of education: Mr. David Miller, president, Mrs. Jacklyn Farrens, vice president, Mr. Charlie Andrews, Mr. Rob Dawson, and Mr. Bruce Kirkpatrick. Our board members continue to keep students at the forefront of decision making, while balancing the fiscal possibilities for our community.”

Pittser finished, “Research shows that the quality of our schools impacts the quality of our community. We are grateful for the support provided by our community. We are thankful for the expansion of our career field connections. As we look to the future, we will continually monitor our wellness initiatives, we will creatively expand our career field connections, and we will thoroughly evaluate our teaching and learning processes. While working to sustain a strong school community, we will remain dedicated to our purpose and be MT proud.”

The fourth and final segment of the Miami Trace State of the District address covers finance and is available to watch on the Miami Trace Local School District Facebook page or YouTube channel.

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