Washington Fire Department reports


The following fire reports were released by the Washington Fire Department (WFD):

Dec 26 – 1210 S. Elm St.

Received call from passer-by reporting an audible alarm and red lights at the Wastewater Treatment Plant. FD noted both the audible alarm and red exterior warning lights at the time of arrival. FD made contact with plant personnel onsite and was advised it was a known and ongoing issue. FD was advised the alarm is being silenced every few hours until service personnel can assess the problem.

Dec 26— 555 Depot Dr.

Received station tone from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office reporting a fire alarm activation, building six. FD did not find any smoke or fire at the time of arrival. FD was advised by occupants that the alarm was located in the rear breezeway and no problem/issue was reported by any of the occupants. FD found the alarm outside of the riser room active with no apparent water flow. FD went door to door to confirm there was no problem(s) in any of the units and gained access to the room and did not find any noticeable issues. FD spoke with maintenance personnel and silenced the alarm. FD advised to contact the servicer to check out the trouble alarm and reset the system.

Dec 25 — 1270 US HWY 62 SW

FD responded to a fire alarm activation. On arrival, FD observed a large water leak coming from busted sprinkler piping. FD silenced the alarm. FD shut down and drained the riser to the original side of the building. The Sheriff’s office made contact with a keyholder to advise them of the situation.

Dec 25 — 324 Lewis St.

FD was requested for assistance with a water leak. FD was unable to stop the leak with the house shut off valves. FD requested the water company to the scene. FD turned off the breaker to the downstairs unit.

Dec 25 — 863 Potomac Cir.

FD was dispatched to water leaking from the ceiling with electrical problems. FD found water leaking through the kitchen light. FD turned off the water and electrical breakers to the kitchen.

Dec 25 — 400 N. Glenn Ave.

FD responded to a fire alarm activation. While responding, dispatch informed E-135 of multiple 911 calls advising smoke in the building and evacuation was in progress. A WCH all call was requested for units to the scene along with mutual aid engine. FD found smoke in the entry way. FD checked the building to find the source of the smoke. WPD was requested to assist with resident evacuation. Heavier smoke was found in the first-floor office. FD located an overheating furnace in an office closet. FD turned off the gas and electricity to the furnace and ventilated the structure. FD requested a key holder to the scene to reset the fire alarm. No contact was made. FD found the code and silenced the fire alarm but were unable to reset the system.

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