Washington Fire Department reports


The following fire reports were released by the Washington Fire Department (WFD):

Dec 24 — 2000 Kenskill Ave.

FD was dispatched to the report of a fire alarm activation with water flow. Upon arrival, FD could see water flowing from the ceiling area in the break room. A key holder was requested to the facility. FD shut down the sprinkler system at the riser. Once FD was in the building, the electrical power to the break room was shut down at the request of the manager.

Dec 24 — 1810 Victoria St.

FD responded to a fire alarm activation. On arrival, FD found a significant water leak inside the building. FD requested the water company to respond to the scene. FD turned off the riser and drained the sprinkler system. FD advised to have repairs made to the out of service system and to conduct a fire watch.

Dec 24 — 621 S. North St.

FD responded to the report of a structure fire. On arrival, FD found light smoke showing from the front door and attic area. A mutual aid engine was requested from Wayne Twp. FD. PD informed FD that the occupant was out of the house and seated in a police car. FD performed a scene size up and found the back door unlocked. FD made entry through the back door and started an interior attack. FD extinguished the fire and started ventilating the structure. The mutual aid engine was cancelled. FD turned off the electricity at the main breaker. The natural gas was turned off at the meter. AES and Centerpoint were requested to the scene to secure the utilities. FD removed the kitchen sink and cabinets to search for extension. The city water department was requested to turn off the water to the structure. FD met with the occupant for information and were advised that the Red Cross was not needed.

Dec 24 — 219 S. North St.

FD was requested for the smell of natural gas. FD checked the building with a four-gas meter, and nothing was found.

Dec 24 — 8459 SR 41 NW

FD was requested for mutual aid for Jefferson Twp. FD. FD was cancelled while en route.

Dec 24 — 1225 Gregg St.

FD responded to a fire alarm activation. On arrival, FD met with maintenance and went to the mechanical room where a sprinkler line was leaking. FD shut down and drained the sprinkler system. Maintenance silenced the alarm. FD notified maintenance to perform a fire watch. Dispatch was notified that the sprinkler system was out of service.

Dec 24 — 706 Clinton Ave.

FD was dispatched to a water leak coming from the ceiling. FD assisted with securing the electrical service by turning off breakers in the affected area. The occupant attempted to stop the leak by closing valves in the crawl space. FD called for the water company to respond to turn off the meter at the curb.

Dec 24 — 200 Commerce Blvd.

FD was requested for assistance to drain the sprinkler system. Employees noticed a sprinkler pipe that was ready to fail. They turned off the sprinkler system but needed assistance opening the drain. Prior to responding, FD was dispatched to the same location for a fire alarm activation for water flow. On arrival, FD assisted employees with shutting down and draining the riser. FD silenced the alarm and advised that the fire alarm system is out of service. Employees were informed to have a dedicated employee doing fire watch if they are open to the public.

Dec 24 — 220 Forest St.

Received station tone from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office reporting a structure fire, unknown if occupied. FD noted moderate smoke conditions with a large smoke column rising from the rear prior to arrival and requested a second tone for a working structure fire. FD deployed two attack lines and observed smoke and fire venting from the left gable with heavy fire visible through the blackened windows of the left-rear room during its walk around. FD was advised by WPD that the occupant was believed to be away from the residence. FD forced entry at the front door and made entry. FD set up positive pressure ventilation and forced open the rear entry door. FD noted the presence of a basement and relayed the information to the interior crew along with updated smoke and fire conditions. FD noted the absence of a ceiling along with a large hole in the floor of the fire room during its’ attack. FD performed a primary search with negative contact and extinguished the fire. FD requested AES, Centerpoint Energy, and the water department to be dispatched. FD shut off the main breaker in the electrical panel and gas supply to the gas fired appliances. (note: FD was unable to shut off the gas supply at the meter.) Officers from WPD confirmed that the occupant was out of the residence and accounted for. FD performed salvage and overhaul operations along with an initial cause and origin determination. FD investigation placed the area of origin within the left-rear bedroom near the floor and wall adjacent to the bedroom door. FD investigation was unable to determine an exact cause of ignition.

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