Investing in the Brent Spence Bridge


For years, presidents of both parties promised infrastructure, but with President Biden, we got it done.

And because we included my bridge legislation in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, we are finally going to build a new Brent Spence Bridge.

The 160,000 Americans who cross this bridge every single day will benefit. Whether that’s an Ohioan commuting each day to work, or Ohio businesses safely and affordably transporting their products.

Brent Spence shows what we can achieve for the region and for the country when we work together across state lines and across party lines.

To get this funding through Congress, we took a new approach. In 2018, we started building a bipartisan coalition to create a new program that could tackle large bridge projects like the Brent Spence. Rob Portman and I and 12 other Senators helped make that happen.

But it’s not just about the new Brent Spence crossing, with the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, we’re investing in infrastructure across Ohio.

I’ve been all over the state, hearing from communities about the projects they want to get done and now will be able to. In Columbus, we’re rebuilding I-70 and I-71. In Akron, we’re repairing the High Level Bridge. In Dayton, it’s the Patterson Boulevard Bridge. And across Ohio, our public transportation agencies are getting the most dramatic investment in public transit ever.

It’s going to make a difference for Ohioans. For the Black and brown communities who have been historically cut off from job centers and for rural areas that are hard to reach, it will mean connection. For pedestrians in our cities, it will mean safer intersections. And for those who have had to travel across dangerous bridges or roads, it will mean peace of mind because nothing matters more than ensuring a family member can get home safely.

Together we can leverage this investment to create jobs in every city and every county and every township across our state.

Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) represents the state in the U.S. Senate.

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