Longtime hairstylist celebrates retirement


WASHINGTON COURT HOUSE — December 31 marked the last day of business for one of the community’s staples, Cindy’s Hair Creations, owned by Cindy Lemaster.

For 56 years, Lemaster has worked a fulfilling and memorable career in the cosmetology industry.

She started her journey in 1966, earning her cosmetology education from Nationwide Beauty Academy. During this time, she was also working her first job at Andrew Correlli’s at the Sheridan Hotel in Columbus.

“When I was a little girl, I used to pin curl my grandmother’s hair and watch her get her hair done at the salon. I believe that’s where most of my inspiration came from,” said Lemaster.

Shortly after finishing school, Lemaster moved to North Carolina with her husband for about six months while they patiently awaited the arrival of their daughter.

Toward the end of her pregnancy, Lemaster and her husband moved back home to Washington Court House to give birth to and raise the baby.

Getting back into the work setting, Lemaster started at The House of Charm until she went to work for the WillowWave, which was owned by Ralph and Rita Medari. She worked there for approximately seven years.

After that, Lemaster started working for Kenneth’s Design Group that has become the well-known Kenneth’s Salon and has multiple salons and spas all over the area.

Lemaster helped Kenneth Anders open a salon by managing and training new employees who would later move to his other salons to work and build those. As a special thank you, Lemaster received a dozen roses and a special note from Anders that read, “Thanks for all of your help in my beginning. Have a great retirement!”

In 1981, Lemaster opened her own salon where she stayed and worked for 41 years up until her retirement. She spent from age 17 to 75 building a career she loved and was proud of.

She took pride in decorating her salon with antiques and older memorabilia to give the clients a historic and welcoming feel when they came to visit.

Most of her clients that she served over the years started with her at a young age and stuck with her until when they passed. Some of her clients drove from as far as Cincinnati for her services.

“As I got older, they got older, so over the years, we became family,” explained Lemaster. “We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve prayed, we’ve sang, we’ve danced, everything in this one little building. That’s what makes it such a memorable experience.”

Over the years, Lemaster has used her profession to buy a house, a brand new car, and two motorcycles. She was also blessed with three grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

She plans to spend her retirement updating her house and babysitting her great-grandchildren.

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