Young authors publish their own book


Students in the first grade class of Jenny Woods at Cherry Hill Primary recently authored, illustrated, and published their own book. As a class project, the students were tasked with teaching people about a topic.

The class decided that writing a book is a great way to share information and they wanted to study and teach about animals.

Each student researched a different animal, colored a picture of the animal, and wrote one page of informational text.

Author Claire Brislin learned that cheetahs are the fastest land animal and that they don’t roar.

The class had help from second grade students in editing their “sloppy copies” until they were satisfied with the final draft. Woods then sent the manuscript out to be published, and after a long wait, the class was presented with their very own book.

“From the beginning of the project, I was impressed with my students’ drive to learn more about their animal and to share what they were learning,” explained Woods. “Every morning at arrival the students would ask me if we were going to work on the book today. These first graders put their whole heart in this book and are beyond proud, as they should be. They are super excited and proud to have their book available for check out at the Carnegie Library.”

The class donated one copy of their book, titled “A Walk in the Wild,” to Carnegie Public Library where it can now be borrowed like any other library book.

Jesse Gayheart, one of the authors, encourages people to read the book, and says, “I think people will love it.”

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