‘With God there are no endings, only endless beginnings’


“Mom, someone’s here! I saw them coming in the driveway!”

A quick glance out the window revealed guests in a jeep setting in the driveway.

One of the children scampered to pick up the Legos in the living room.

“Never mind the toys,” I assured.

In a moment I was at the door greeting a gentleman who informed me of a delivery he had for us.


“It’s rather heavy, where would be a good place to unload it?” he went on.

“Just drive right up through the yard to the sidewalk,” came my response. (That was Daniel’s practical way of doing things.)

By the time the couple had summoned two packages from the back of their car, Jesse was outside, wondering if he could help them carry something in. The rest of us were bursting with questions.

He so professionally told me he’s got a delivery, but the packages bore no names or addresses. “This must be from an individual, ” I decided. “Why not ask?”

“So do are you part of a delivery company or is this a personal delivery?”

His answer left us with only more questions.

It was not from them personally, but we would eventually find out who it was from.

Setting the heavy box on the living room floor, he straightened his back and explained that he reads our weekly column and that they’re from Ohio.

Okay, so that was that. We heartily thanked them and off they were. The children quickly wrapped up their afternoon jobs before gathering in the living room around the biggest box with the note, “Open first.”

The pretty layer of wrapping paper was peeled back and the box opened. Eyes widened as we all gazed at dozens of wrapped packages. I scanned the note on top. The instructions were simple and exciting. Each day from December 1st through Christmas day we were to pick out the packages with the correct date to brighten our December. Wow.

Excitement reigned. It was November 30, there was only a day until the adventure was to begin.

Now, well on our way through December I am deeply humbled by this thoughtful individual who took the time to brighten our December. The squeals of surprise can’t be captured on paper. The delight has been genuine. I have been touched how the oldest children, especially, cheer when a package is opened with something for mom. (Do they naturally go on with that since Daddy’s not here to do it?)

If you were to come in the front door you’d be greeted by the chime of the joy bells on the front door and a large sticker snow man on the front door, there’s the flickering candle on our kitchen table, more candy than we all can eat, and many little treasures for the children, all because of these generous gift-givers. Like, us, you’re going to have to wait to find out who it is until… well I don’t know when! Maybe Christmas?

And yes, we plan to even take those last packages with us to Ohio where we plan to spend Christmas with family and friends in Danville and Holmes County.

The children are excited to stay for a week; well okay, I am too. Honestly I don’t know how I’d even describe how it feels. It’s that mix of sadness, gladness, anticipation, and apprehension. I loved the quote on a card I received this week from Mrs. Stutzman; it said, “With God there are no endings, only endless beginnings.”

To all of you dear ones, “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your love, support, prayers, and contributions through the holiday season. Your lives really do make a difference in ours, as we together head for the kingdom of heaven!”

Lastly, I’d love to share this recipe my grandma used to make time and again over the holidays. It is perfect for a Christmas or New Year’s party.

Cheese Ball

2 8-ounce blocks cream cheese

1 package Cheddar cheese

1 /2 teaspoon garlic salt

1/ 2 teaspoon onion salt

2 cups chopped onions

1 Tablespoon Worcestershire sauce

¼ cup parsley flakes

¼ cup chopped nuts

Mix cheeses together, then add rest of ingredients except for parsley flakes and nuts. Shape into a ball and roll in parsley flakes and nuts.

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