Blue Lions first, Panthers second at McDowell Jr. High Tournament


CIRCLEVILLE — Both Fayette County Jr. High wrestling programs traveled to McDowell Middle School in Circleville for a tournament on Saturday, Dec. 10. A total of 11 teams participated in the competition.

Washington won the tournament, scoring 273 points as a team. Miami Trace came in second with 197 points.

At 86 pounds, Nathan Snyder (WCH) was the champion and Tommy Hughes Harris (MT) came in fourth.

At 98 pounds, Abigail Forsythe (WCH) came in fourth place.

At 104 pounds, Bradley Forsythe (WCH) was the champion.

At 110 pounds, Casen Snyder (WCH) was the champion and Jeremiah Green (MT) came in fourth place.

At 116 pounds, Thomas Oliver (WCH) was the champion and Harper Dotson (MT) came in second place.

At 122 pounds, Gabe Carson (MT) placed third.

At 128 pounds, Quinton Marine (WCH) was the champion and Jacob Rheinscheld (MT) took second.

At 134 pounds, Landon LeBeau (MT) placed second.

At 142 pounds, Wesley Gibbs (WCH) was the champion, Kiontae Tyree (WCH) placed third, and Corbin Dotson (MT) placed fourth.

At 150 pounds, Jared Rivera (WCH) was the champion.

At 160 pounds, Alejandro Utera (MT) was the champion and Bryson Knorr (MT) placed fourth.

At 245 pounds, Luke Bennett (MT) placed second, Anthony Burns (WCH) placed third, and Jacob Hays (WCH) placed fourth.

Miami Trace will host Chillicothe on Jan. 5, 2023 and Washington will compete at Hillsboro on the same evening.

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