Wayne Twp. Fire Department seeks tax levy approval


On Nov. 8, Wayne Township voters will see a replacement levy on the ballot for the operation of the township’s fire department.

According to fire chief Chris Wysong, this is virtually the same 1.5-mill levy that has been voted on every five years by the taxpayers and has funded the department with the same tax valuation since 2008. While it isn’t a millage increase, a slight increase in the taxes that are paid will be realized due to the rise in property valuation.

Residents should expect an annual increase of approximately $16 per $100,000 of property valuation if the levy is approved. This slight increase in monies helps offset the growth in the operating costs of the fire department, according to Wysong.

Wysong spoke more about the levy.

“We have increased our capabilities, purchased needed equipment, and maintained our high level of care without incurring any debt,” he said. “We received multiple grants and donations; however, it is not a secure way to fund the safety of our members. The cost of inflation is affecting us all, and we understand that asking to pay more taxes is difficult for everyone. Without the levy approval, it will be difficult to continue providing safe and current equipment for our members to respond to an emergency.”

Below is the current price from vendors for what it takes from the hire date of a new member to safely outfit them to respond for a fire emergency, Wysong said:

– Training – $1,740

– Helmet – $330

– Fire coat – $1,300

– Fire pant – $850

– Protective hood – $110

– Boots – $400

– Gloves – $90

– Pager – $425

– Radio – $3,500

– SCBA (breathing pack) – $10,590

Total = $19,335

Wayne Township Fire Department asks for support in approving this tax levy at the general election. In the meantime, for any questions or to learn more about the Wayne Township Fire Department, please reach out to one of its members, stop by the station on Nov. 1 at 7 p.m., or contact the department by phone: 740-604-1086 or email [email protected].


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