Washington Fire Department reports


The following fire reports were released by the Washington Fire Department (WFD):

Sept 3 — 170 Carolyn Rd

FD received a call to check out a fluorescent light in a garage that blew a bulb. FD arrived on scene and investigated. They found the light fixture had a bad ballast. FD advised occupant to leave the light off until it was looked at.

Sept 3 — 8 Smith St

FD received station tones for mutual aid with Jeffersonville FD. FD was cancelled en route by Jeffersonville FD.

Sept 3 — 101 Court House Pkwy

FD received a call for a person stuck in an elevator at the Holiday Inn. FD arrived on scene and found that the building had no power, and the elevator was stuck between the two floors. FD shut the power off to the elevator and then helped the stuck person out of the elevator through the escape hatch on the top of the elevator. FD turned the power to the elevator back on so it would work when the power to the building came back on.

Aug 31 — 2080 RT 22 W

FD received station tone for a carbon monoxide, smoke detector activation. FD arrived on scene and talked to the occupant, who advised FD that the smoke detector had went off. There were no detectors alarming when FD arrived, or while FD was on scene. FD did a check for carbon monoxide and no carbon monoxide was detected with FD’s meter at the time of check. FD replaced batteries in smoke and CO detectors. FD found that some detectors were over 10 years old and advised occupant to replace the detectors.

Aug 31 — 254 E Court St

FD had someone walk in and advise FD that they had a carbon monoxide detector going off. FD arrived on scene and investigated. FD’s meter did not detect any carbon monoxide at the time of check. FD did find that the detector was showing end of life and advised the occupant to replace the detector.


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