Local heroes come to the rescue


Two City of Washington Court House employees were recently commended for their heroic efforts in rescuing two children who were in fear of drowning in Paint Creek, according to city officials.

A letter of commendation from Washington Court House Chief of Police Jeffrey Funari reads, “On June 9, 2022, Pete Harperee and Spencer Bryan were in the area of S. Elm St. near Chrisman Park. Both heard loud voices screaming for help. They looked in the creek and observed two small children in the creek, hanging on so they would not be swept away. Pete and Spencer entered the creek that had high rushing water to save the children and keep them from being swept further down the creek and possibly drowning.”

Funari went on to congratulate both men for going above and beyond their duties in rescuing these two children.

City Manager Joe Denen released a statement about the situation, which reportedly occurred around 7:30 a.m. on Thursday, June 9.

“Spencer Bryan and Pete Harperee did much more than anyone could expect. They both jumped in without hesitation, risking their own lives. We are incredibly proud of Spencer and Pete; they are both incredibly decent people,” said Denen.

Harperee and Bryan chose not to comment on their heroic efforts. It was also requested that the children’s names not be publicized.

City employees commended for pulling children out of creek

By Tyler Flora

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