A special moment in Fayette County history



As is probably known by most in the community by now, on April 27, 2022, the Ohio Supreme Court, sitting en banc, heard oral arguments, at Miami Trace High School, concerning three important cases that it accepted to review on appeal. Afterward, a beautiful repast was given in honor of the Court at the Crown Room in Washington C.H., complete with fine cakes baked by the Willow Restaurant.

The affair was attended by all seven members of the Supreme Court, by the local judiciary, various Fayette County and Washington C.H. officials, the lion’s share of the members of the Fayette County Bar, by many members of the local law enforcement agencies, and teachers with students they selected to attend from the Fayette Christian School, Miami Trace High School and Washington C.H. High School.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor accepted an invitation from Judge Steven P. Beathard to tour the venerable and beautiful Fayette County Courthouse, whose interiors were preserved and meticulously restored to their original grandeur, at the behest of Judge Beathard, in the early days after his elevation to the bench, in 2005.

What is probably not widely known, however, is just how much time, effort and planning it took in order to bring this very special moment in Fayette County history to fruition. Judge Beathard, his Court Administrator, Carmen Y. Baird, and Sandra I. Wilson, Fayette County Clerk of Court, each worked tirelessly and in concert for many, many hours, over the course of more than seven months to ensure the Justices were treated hospitably and in a proper manner befitting of members of the State’s highest Court.

Judge Beathard, Mrs. Baird and Mrs. Wilson went far and beyond the call of duty to make this auspicious occasion the great success that it was. I commend them. They personify the meaning of public service and, I believe, merit praise for their excellence in service to this great community.

Most sincerely,

R.A. Dunkle

London, Ohio

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