Let’s continue the Miami Trace legacy



Legacy? It is important that we parents and grandparents send important messages to the children of our communities. Miami Trace has always been good at that very thing. I graduated from Miami Trace as did my wife and my children. My parents both graduated from Bloomingburg High School back in the day. Our roots go way back. I guess you could say we love Miami Trace. Many of you know the feeling as I know we are not alone.

A little more about legacy now. My mother served with the Chaffin PTO when I was in Elementary School there. She stayed for my little sister who was seven years behind me. We both graduated high school and she was still serving. I asked her “Why?” She said, “You must take care of the children in your community.” Never forgot that. She died in 2008 and I ran for school board later that year. I was fortunate to serve 12 years and the community supported many projects during that time. Once again, they made me proud to be a Panther.

I could give you 10’s of reasons why you should vote for the renewal but I will mention just a couple.

1) This is not new money; it is a renewal. When I came on the board, several of us on the board vowed that we would do our best not to ask for new money to operate unless absolutely necessary. The last time this renewal was up, we decided that since we had watched the dollars, we could reduce it $500,000 per year so we did.

2) Loss of tax revenue (ex. Tanger leaving and Rockies Express petitioning for lower tax rates have reduced revenue $1.3 Million per year) makes it necessary to continue with the renewal.

3) It is not permanent. It is a five-year renewal.

4) You have local representatives on the board. Folks who shop where you buy your groceries, sit in the stands at ball games with you, and better still, worship with you on Sunday. They are willing to discuss any concern you may have.

While on the board, I saw our beautiful facilities finished with the new high school, tennis courts, and football stadium. Our academics rating is one of the highest in our 5 counties reporting to the ESC in Wilmington. I am so proud of the community I grew up in and so proud to be a Panther. Let’s continue the legacy by voting FOR Miami Trace Schools.

Thanks for reading my letter.

Mike Henry

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