Vote for the MT renewal levy on May 3


Dear Editor,

We are writing to urge Miami Trace School District voters to vote for the upcoming levy. The Miami Trace renewal levy on May 3 is not a new tax. This levy is needed to continue to provide quality programs and services to students. We encourage the Miami Trace community to carry on their generous support.

We are proud of the state of our district. The renewal levy is significant and essential to maintain a quality education for our students. This levy will continue to support the future financial stability of our district and continue to provide our children excellent educational opportunities.

We are proud of the world-class education children receive at Miami Trace. Our community is strong due in large part to the education our children experience. The choice is easy, please vote for the Miami Trace renewal levy on May 3rd. Doing so is a vote to affirm our commitment to our children, our community, and our future.

Mitchell and Norma Kirby

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