‘Let’s keep the dream alive for today’s kids’


Dear Record-Herald Editor,

When we moved to Fayette County in 1965 with our brand new teaching certificates, we were told about a dream to someday educate all Miami Trace students K to 12, on a central campus. Dreams like that take a lot of time.

Our two sons received a good education from dedicated teachers in the old buildings as the dream struggled to take shape. Today that dream is a reality in a beautiful, modern campus! It is functional, efficient, well built and designed for today’s educational needs – a great place for MT students to learn.

Passage of the renewal levy will avoid an operating deficit as the campus and learning environment continue for many years to come. Operating money will be needed for personnel, purchased services, supplies and educational equipment.

The levy will help make up for the dollars we are losing due to a tax revenue decrease from the Outlet Mall and the Rockies Express Pipeline. Let’s keep the dream alive for today’s kids! Please join us in voting FOR the Miami Trace Renewal Levy on May 3.

Panther Proud,

Karen and John Bernard

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