An investment in our students’ future



I write this letter in support of the Miami Trace Local Schools renewal levy. The district has placed an issue on the May 3 ballot. Officially the ballot will read, in part, “to avoid an operating deficit”. The purpose of the levy is to continue receiving the adequate funding to maintain daily operations of the district. These operations include: Salaries and benefits to the employees, purchased services which include utilities costs, and materials and supplies such as curriculum resources for our students.

This is an investment in our students’ future which does not cost we taxpayers any additional monies than we are paying at this time.

Miami Trace Local Schools have been good stewards of the taxpayers generous support through the years. The transformation of the district in the past 20 years has been nothing short of amazing. The program offerings, modern facilities and most certainly the quality of persons who are responsible for the education of the students make Miami Trace truly a great place to learn!

Since being the superintendent of schools at Miami Trace, I have worked with school districts and communities throughout the eastern and southeastern region of Ohio. A very common theme I have seen is that there is a connection between the presence of quality schools and a nice community. We have this positive situation in Fayette County. I urge our voters to VOTE FOR the Miami Trace renewal tax levy so we can continue our strong schools/strong community existence.

Dan Roberts, Retired

Former Superintendent Miami Trace Local Schools

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