Tax filing deadline is Monday


On Thursday, a line of residents could already be seen outside the City of Washington Court House Tax Department building as the deadline to file taxes — including city taxes — is this coming Monday.

Staff at the department explained lines will only get worse on Friday and Monday as people rush to meet the deadline. The tax department will be open 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday and Monday.

In order to file 2021 city income taxes, the following documents are needed: federal income tax return (Federal 1040), all W-2’s and applicable Schedules.

According to information from the tax department, the City does not collect the Washington Court House City School tax — that tax is collected by the state. This can create confusion with the W-2’s.

If a W-2 shows a withholding with the code 2402, it is for the school tax and not the local city tax. The W-2 needed for city must show local tax withheld (if any), and the total Medicare wages.

Those who still need to pay taxes are urged by staff to bring their entire packet of tax documents to make sure the correct W-2’s are brought to file. Without the correct W-2’s, city taxes cannot be filed.

Upon arriving to the tax department, located at 117 N. Main St., residents will notice signage on the door that states only four people should be in the lobby at one time. Residents should dress appropriately for the weather in preparation of waiting times.

Those who still need to file — but do not want to wait in line — can drop off their correct documents in the night drop box located at the City Administration Building before Monday. The City Administration Building is located at 105 N. Main St.

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The deadline to file taxes is Monday. Residents were already forming a line to file on Thursday. deadline to file taxes is Monday. Residents were already forming a line to file on Thursday. Jennifer Woods | Record Herald photo

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