Letter: ‘One of the best physicians I have ever known’


Dear Editor,

On January 31, 2022, I attended a reception marking the date of retirement of Dale Reno, M.D., and his wife, Susie. For me, it was with some sadness that Dale and Susie are retiring, but after their many years of dedicated work, I am happy that they will be able to enjoy life a bit more, under less stress and strain. I have known Dr. Reno since 1978. He and his wife have devoted decades of their lives to the care of patients in Fayette and surrounding counties. His clinical knowledge and his ability to treat patients with common, as well as very complex medical problems, was unmatched. During their practice, they have demonstrated an excellent fund of knowledge as well as kind, compassionate caring for their patients and their families.

Dr. Reno and Susie helped me and my colleagues in practice (Dr. J. Garret Mouser and Dr. Jennifer Bogucki). He has always provided the most thorough preoperative clearances. Some of the correspondences from Dr. Reno have been handwritten and they have been delivered with great detailed information about our mutual patients. The cessation of practice by Dr. Reno is a great loss to the Washington Court House community and to all of his patients. He, undoubtedly, is one of the best physicians I have ever known. His wife, Susie, has helped immeasurably in his practice. I wish them both a wonderful retirement. May the years to come be filled with much happiness and blessings for them.


James L. Moses, M.D.

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