Solar energy systems public hearing to be held


A public hearing has been scheduled for March 21 in regards to recommended changes to the Fayette County Zoning resolution in relation to solar energy systems.

Solar energy systems, according to the proposed changes to the resolution, are “the components and subsystems required to convert solar energy into electric or thermal energy, including all equipment and accessory buildings. For purposes of this zoning resolution, a solar energy system shall be considered a permanent structure treated similarly to a building.”

According to Greg McCune of the Fayette County Zoning Department, adding the proposed changes to the resolution will not automatically allow any company to come into Fayette and build a solar energy system.

The new language, if added, would give general guidelines for companies that would be interested in coming into the county. These guidelines are the beginning as further permissions/permits would need to be gained from the appropriate offices.

McCune said solar energy systems weren’t a consideration at the time the resolution was first created.

By making changes, the resolution can be updated with the current market and interests companies may have when looking at locating in Fayette County.

The public hearing will start at 10:30 a.m. in the commissioners’ office. The changes were submitted by the Fayette County Zoning Commission.

In other news from the commissioners’ office, an agreement was entered into with Adams County, per the recommendation of Sheriff Vernon Stanforth. The agreement will allow Adams County prisoners to be housed in the Fayette County Jail for $67.50 per prisoner per day.

Adams County will be responsible for any ambulance/life squad fees as well as a $35 fee per hour payable to Fayette County for medical escort to and from the Adena Fayette Medical Center emergency room and for all hospital care and services. The agreement is in effect from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31 of this year.

The use of American Rescue Plan Act funding was authorized for updating MARCS Radio Link Layer Authentication and for the purchase of new MARCS radios that cannot be updated for the sheriff’s office. Part of the purpose for these updates is to increase cyber-security. The cost of the update and the purchase of new radios is estimated at $36,639.07.

The commissioners authorized the filing of an application for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Paddling Enhancement Grant to help with the installation of a canoe launch along the south side of Ghormley Road between State Route 753 and State Route 41, approximately 0.6 miles east of State Route 41 to access Paint Creek.

In other news from the county, Fayette County Auditor Brenda Mossbarger wanted to update the community on the Triennial Update.

Essentially, a triennial update is an update to the value of property based on sales over three years.

The Triennial update values that the state set increased Fayette County at an average of 23%. Ohio law requires an update be done every third year after a reappraisal year is done. Fayette conducted its last reappraisal in 2018.

According to Mossbarger, it is important to remember that property values adjustments are reviewed by neighborhood, so one parcel may increase more or less than the average due to location, desirability and condition. An increase in value does not necessarily compute to a comparable increase in tax.

The reappraisal law is designed to equalize all values among taxpayers, not to enhance revenue for the taxing authorities.

Essentially, this is not a means of raising taxes or lowering taxes, it is a re-balancing of the tax burden among individual properties and classes.

Information in this article was provided by the Fayette County Commissioners’ Office. Stay with the Record-Herald weekly for more updates. The Fayette County Commissioners’ Office is located at 133 S. Main St., suite 401 in Washington Court House, and their office hours are Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. They can be reached at 740-335-0720. Condensed minutes from the meetings are available on the county website.

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