Restaurant Inspections


Fayette County Public Health released the following restaurant inspections:

Feb. 11

Roosters, 120 Crossings Drive, follow-up inspection. Violations/ comments: the raw chicken is now at 37 degrees, 38 degrees, the milk at 37 degrees inside the chicken cooler. The other chicken cooler is still out of service. So, the raw chicken tenders and some milk were found on ice. Found at 37 degrees. It was recommended to staff to change ice frequently as well as check the temperatures to ensure the food does not reach 41 degrees. The manager stated that they would contact the Fayette County Public Health Department once new part (thermostat) gets installed. Please monitor the cooler more frequently. It is now safe to store perishable food. The sanitizing solution is now within safe range: 200-300 ppm. The ice machine is now clean to sight and touch. Although the date markings had improved, there was one item without date marking still found. Found without date markings inside pizza preparation cooler. These items were dated during the inspection.

Outside the Box cafe, 10 S. Main St., Jeffersonville, standard and critical control point inspections. Violations/ comments: no handwash soap provided at hand sink in kitchen. All hanwash sinks must be provided with soap. Sour Cream found at 47 degrees, cole slaw fat 48 degrees. Perishable food in a cold holding state must be 41 degrees or below to limit the growth of pathogens. All perishable food were discarded during the inspection (sour cream, cole slaw, ranch, tarter). This unity may not be used until repaired, reinspected and deemed safe to use. Mice droppings found inside the drawers and cabinets located in basement. Pests must be controlled to minimize their presence on the premises by routinely cleaning, inspecting and using pest control devices. (CCP Inspection) Preventing contamination by hands—no handsoap provided at handsink. All handsinks must be supplied. Time/temperature controlled safety food — improper cold holding in small cooler. Perishables must be 41 degrees or below for food safety.

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