Washington Fire Department reports


The following fire reports were released by the Washington Fire Department (WFD):

Jan. 31 — 420 Third St.

WFD received a call from the occupant reporting a new gas hot water heater was installed the day prior and now there is a strong odor of gas in the residence, requesting it to be checked. The WFD investigation did find natural gas concentration of 3.3% LEL inside the residence and determined the source of the leak was at the stove. WFD shut off the gas to the appliance and advised to have repairs made.

Jan. 30 — 823 Sycamore St.

WFD received an alert at 4:01 p.m. of smoke coming from the garage. WFD noted light black smoke coming from the gable eve of the garage located at the rear of the property off the alley. At the time of arrival at 4:04 p.m., occupants informed responders there was no problem, the wood burner had just been started. WFD noted the flu pipe was not above the roof line causing the smoke to roll out from under the eves. WFD advised the owner to extend the flu pipe above the roof line.

Jan. 27 — 3131 U.S. 62

WFD received an alert at 10:03 p.m. reporting a possible barn fire. WFD did not locate any structure fire, but did note an active controlled burn in the immediate area. WFD checked the site of the controlled burn and did not find any problems at the time.

Jan. 21 — 1895 Lowes Boulevard

WFD received a call reporting a fire in two roof-top HVAC units at 6:07 p.m. Visible fire with minimal smoke while en-route was noted. WFD requested a second tone for a working fire and for Wayne Township Fire Department, Bloomingburg Fire Department and New Holland fire Department to be dispatched — engine and manpower. WFD found no change in fire/ smoke conditions at the time of arrival at 6:16 p.m. and was informed by security personnel that there were no alarms and were unaware of any issue/ problem. WFD staged at the rear of the building and set up aerial operations. WFD made access to the roof and found a large amount of fire contained within two roof-top HVAC units. WFD noted the lack of smoke conditions and a roar from pressurized natural gas feeding the units. WFD’s initial investigation determined the fire was currently contained within the units and posed no immediate danger to the structure or personnel. WFD coordinated with security and maintenance personnel on-site to determine the proper procedure to shut-down the system and extinguish the fire. WFD completed multiple walk-thrus and checks of the interior to confirm the fire was confined to the roof-top units on the exterior of the structure and had not spread to and within the structure. WFD shut-off the gas supply and electrical power to both units after consulting with maintenance personnel. WFD checked and re-checked both units for complete extinguishment and there were no natural gas leaks within each unit prior to turning the scene over to maintenance personnel and clearing the scene. WFD advised security and eminence personnel of the concern and consideration of the fire suppression system freezing without heat.

Jan. 21 — intersection of North North St.

WFD received an alert at 8:37 a.m. of a three-vehicle accident. All three vehicles were found upright on all four wheels with no smoke or fire at time of arrival at 8:40 a.m. WFD established a safe working area, confirmed there was no entrapment, checked all three vehicles for safety, applied oil dry to fluids on the roadway, and assisted with cleaning debris from the roadway. Due to extreme cold, WFD placed one of the drivers in the cab of E-135. Later in the incident, the driver requested the squad return to transport her to the hospital. The driver informed officers from the Washington Police Department and WFD of being positive for COVID. WFD relayed the information to units responding from the Fayette County Life Squad.

Jan. 17 — 3283 U.S. Route 22

WFD received alert of a barn fire with livestock inside at 9:14 a.m. Mutual aide from New Holland FD. Upon arrival at 9:20 a.m., WFD found light grey smoke rising above the roof line at the rear of the structure on the North side with no visible fire showing and noted occupants corralling and removing livestock at the time of arrival. Upon entry, WFD found a six foot by eight foot pile of straw/ hay smoldering. WFD finished extinguishing and overhauled the immediate area, disconnected the power supply to low-hanging lights and heat lamps. An investigation determined an improperly secured heat lamp had fallen onto the straw/ hay bales and ignited the pile.

Jan. 15 — 99 Summit Lane

WFD received alert at 11:47 a.m. reporting a general fire alarm.WFD did not find any smoke or fire upon arrival at 11:51 a.m. and was informed by occupant that steam/smoke from cooking set the detector off. No issues were found.

Jan. 15 — 1225 Gregg St.

WFD provided mutual aide to the Fayette County Life Squad.

Jan. 6 — 53 Residence Drive

WFD provided mutual aide to the Fayette County Life Squad.


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