Giving back by shoveling snow


Local Steven Armstrong has started a new initiative in which, after a snow storm, volunteers in the community will help the elderly, veterans and disabled by shoveling their sidewalks.

Armstrong explained he is trying to get volunteers lined up, as well as a list of addresses to shovel, so they will be ready to go after it snows.

“The day after the snowstorm ends, we will convene and divide into groups, and I will provide them addresses of where to go to along with the equipment needed — shovels, salt, etc.,” explained Armstrong via email. “My goal is to service 15-20 homes this time and go from there. It all depends on the number of volunteers.”

In particular, school groups and individual kids are being sought as volunteers; however, others are welcome to join as well.

“We won’t turn away any help, that is for sure,” wrote Armstrong. “The Washington Court House women’s and men’s wrestling teams have said that they will participate as well as the Miami Trace men’s wrestling team. Also, we have several families and kids volunteering. Anyone can help as long they are physically able to do so and be trustworthy.”

To volunteer or recommend the address of someone who could really use the help, message Armstrong at 740-406-0573 or contact him via Facebook.

“We do not need to know the reason (someone needs assistance with shoveling) but want it to be for someone that truly needs this done for them,” he wrote. “We have so many elderly, disabled, veterans, etc. in our area that are not able to do this for themselves, and it is dangerous for them to leave their homes. I am all about getting our youth involved in community projects. They need to give back to the community that has provided them so many opportunities over the years. It never fails that the kids really enjoy these type of projects, and they will take great pride in what they are doing, and most will volunteer to be involved the next time. Kids love being involved, they just need to be given the opportunities to do so.”

Already, a few local businesses and private citizens have provided donations to this effort.

“I have no idea how much supplies we will need until the storm hits,” said Armstrong. “But I can say we have been blessed with a great amount of donations already to give us a great start on it.”

He further explained, “this might be the first time since I was a kid that I am excited for it to snow. I just love seeing our kids get involved in the community.”

There is a public Facebook group, “OPERATION SHOVELING TO GIVE BACK,” that can be joined for updates and communications.

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Local man starts initiative to help elderly, disabled, veterans

By Jennifer Woods

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