Letter: Showing appreciation to our safety departments


My day started out finding that our American flag was on the ground! I went immediately out and picked it up. The rope had been cut and the spotlight taken apart.

I called the police and reported it and in a short time a patrolman was at my front door. He checked it out and screwed the light back together. A couple hours later, the doorbell rang and here was that patrolman and three firemen. They had already put a new rope up on the pole and wanted the flag so they could put it back on the pole!

What an emotional time for me! Being so very-military-oriented and having members of our family who have served this great country of ours, since 1950 and one member still serving and in their 18th year now, I was taken aback by the kind, thoughtful way these men showed their patriotism to me!

There is never any way I can repay them for their thoughtful concern of a citizen of our town.

Our police, fire department and sheriff’s department NEVER get the PRAISE they deserve, so I, for one, am very grateful and proud of our safety departments here.

How about it citizens of Washington Court House? Can you or have you showed your appreciation? Can you or have you showed your appreciation to them in any way?

Sending our thoughts and thanks to you again!

I remain, Sally Begin

1332 Dayton Ave.

Washington Court House, Ohio

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