Land transfers


The following land transfers were recently released online:

Recorded April 30

Chessie and Tabitha Ratliff to David Nichols, 3908 Route 22 S.E., Union Township, consideration $115,000.

Terri and Terry Summers to Rocky Glacier Properties LLC, 220 W. Market St., consideration $127,500.

Recorded April 29

James Bolen Jr to US Home Ownership LLC, 252 W. High St., Jeffersonville, Sheriff Deed, consideration $99,500.

Recorded April 27

Kathryn and Sean Abbott to Breanna Smith, 1570 Gregg Road N.w., Jefferson Township, consideration $405,000.

Recorded April 26

Amanda and Trevor Dean to Errol Louderback, 91 Midland Ave., Bloomingburg, consideration $162,000.

Edward and Regina Hardesty to Rocky Glaciers Properties LLC, 25 Cross St., Bloomingburg, consideration $45,000.

Recorded April 23

Cassandra and Shane Carter to Alicia and Kevin Martin, 5174 Washington Waterloo Road N.E., Marion Township, consideration $249,900.

Christopher and Siobann Stoughton to Daniel and Patricia Smith, 20 Walnut St., Jeffersonville, consideration $30,000.

Copperhead Chuckwagon LLC to Alexandria Smith, 1065 Lewis St., Union Township, consideration $94,000.

Recorded April 22

Erica and Matthew Millikin to West Broad Street Investors LTD, 6270 and 6410 Route 753 S.E., consideration $400,000.

Dwight Hedrick and Sharlene Lyle-Hedrick to David Frederick, 813 Leesburg Ave., consideration $129,500.

Fayette County Land Reutilization Corp to Brenda and Max Hughes, 229 Green St., consideration $10,000.

Vera Rogers to Kurtis Rogers, 4167 Prairie Road N.W., consideration $49,900.

Recorded April 21

Brent and Colleen Cupp to Robert Hunt and Samantha Saunders, 229 Sycamore St., consideration $199,900.

Jeffrey and Sarah Daniels to Timberhaven LLC, 613 Fourth St., consideration $38,000.

Emma White to Victoria and Zachary Lynch, 909 Millwood Ave., consideration $139,000.

Recorded April 20

Tabitha and Rupak Das to Rebecca Leach, 301 N. North St., consideration $137,500.

Recorded April 19

Adam and Stephanie Habig, Mark and Natasha Nuttbrock to HWY 43 LLC, 812 S. North St. and 523 E. Paint St., consideration $30,000.

Recorded April 16

W.M. Smith Rentals LLC to George Lane, 244 Zimmerman Road S.E., Perry Township, consideration $37,000.

Renee and Richard Swensen to Aneita Helber, 832 Lakeview Ave., consideration $145,000.

Heather and Kyle Hoppes to Rocky Glacier Properties LLC, 813 Sycamore St., consideration $50,000.

Recorded April 15

Barbara, Cynthia, Gregory, Jeffrey, Larry, Lu Ann, Scott and Wynona Detty to John Coy, lots 56-61 on Vine Street, Jeffersonville, consideration $14,000.

Fayette County Land Reutilization Corp to JLB1 LTD, 104 E. Paint St., consideration $3,700.

Foundation First Properties LLC and Sandbox Holdings LLC to Christopher Paisley, 123 E. Court St., consideration $45,000.

Recorded April 14

Jodie and Joseph Watson to Dwight Hedrick, 1254 Paddock Loop, consideration $227,000.

Pamela and Terrance Feick to Adrienna Jenkins, 219 E. Paint St., consideration $100,000.

Recorded April 12

Mildred and Randal Bock to Jordan Jones, 120 Laurel Road, consideration $129,000.

Kelly and Steven Johnson to Luke Gallimore, 1020 Andrick Drive, consideration $249,000.

Fayette County Land Reutilization Corp to Habitat for Humanity of Fayette County Inc., 1031 Lakeview Ave., consideration $7,000.

Recorded April 9

Bedola and Robert Maust to Laurie Spolarich, 437 E. East St., consideration $152,500.

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