Flying Pig marathon delayed to October


CINCINNATI (AP) — Cincinnati’s Flying Pig marathon is postponed until October because of the pandemic.

Marathon organizer Pig Works said on Wednesday that it will now be held on the weekend of Oct. 29. The 2020 race was canceled as well.

Runners can register for the in-person Flying Pig marathon starting March 1, and can also sign up to run the race virtually on the weekend of May 1, the organizers said. For virtual runs, competitors map their own course and record their time themselves. Runners of the virtual race won’t be able to use their finish to qualify for other marathons, according to the race’s website.

A shorter race, the Bockfest 5K, is also being held virtually this spring with a deadline for completion of March 6.

In 2019, more than 43,000 people registered for different races over three days. The Flying Pig Marathon dates back to 1999, and plays off the city’s “Porkopolis” nickname it earned from its 19th century pork-packing industry.

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