Land Transfers


The following land transfers were recently released online:

Recorded Jan. 6, 2021

Jon and Mercedes Hayslip to Deonus Henley, 13022 E. Walnut St., Jefferson Township, consideration $134,000.

Recorded Jan. 5, 2021

Renee and Richard Swensen to Dwayne and Tamela Morris, 1208 E. Paint St., consideration $79,900.

Michelle Murcko to Jean Stroman, 1012 Yeoman St., consideration $80,000.

WJH LLC and WJHOH LLC to Francis and Samantha Jordan, 1154 Red Mile Boulevard, consideration $224,500.

Mossbarger & Smithson CPA to Daniel Dinkins, 636 High St., consideration $92,000.

Recorded Dec. 31, 2020

Carroll Halliday Inc to David Ogan, 1301 Rawlings St., consideration $20,000.

Garry, Glenn, Gordon, Jennifer, Kristen and Rebecca Conn to Conn Farms Inc, 1250 Jefferson Township, consideration $370.

Craig and Jamie Petersen to Alex Schelling, 6674 Greenfield Sabina Road, Concord Township, consideration $125,000.

NCRE LLC to No 5 Investments LLC, 204-208 N. Fayette St., consideration $221,400.

Carroll Halliday Inc to Beford Automotive Holdings Inc, 1311 and 1321 Rawlings St., consideration $36,000.

George Cooper to JLB1 Properties LTD, 328 Peabody Ave., consideration $15,000.

Carroll Halliday Inc to Branen L Weade Properties LLC, 936 Briar Ave., 1124 and 1130 Delaware St., consideration $94,000.

S&J Properties One LLC to Bernard and Suzanne Gebhardt, 410 N. North St., consideration $52,000.

Brad Helsel to Joseph and Traci Dillon, 626 Gregg St., consideration $147,500.

Recorded Dec. 30, 2020

McCoy-Lewis Farm LLC to Dustin Burr, 0 Carrs Mill-Jamestown Road, Jefferson Township, consideration $41,000.

Recorded Dec. 29, 2020

Susannah and Nicolas Sims to John and Pamela Hardy, 919 Lincoln Drive, consideration $190,000.

Scott and Tess Springer to Jessica and Shawn Speakman, 903 Briar Ave., consideration $205,500.

Recorded Dec. 28, 2020

T.D. Management LTD to SCF RC Funding IV LLC, 5 Fayette Square, consideration $1,544,800.

John and Pamela Hardy to Amber and Shaun Clark, 1128 Riverside Drive, consideration $310,000.

JLB1 Properties LTD to Ricky Tackett, Lot 19 Fourth St., consideration $154,000.

Gregory and Heidi Phipps to Brady Bach, 225 Delaware St., consideration $58,000.

Timberhaven LLC to Christopher Smith and Jessica Stevens, 107 Biddle Boulevard, Bloomingburg, consideration $149,900.

Joshua Flax to Kristina and Timothy Humphrey, land in Concord Township, consideration $36,200.

Carrol Halliday Inc to MLKN LLC, 1120 Delaware St., consideration $75,000.

Recorded Dec. 23, 2020

Sam Beedy to Bo and Eboni Sankoe, 105 E. Court St., consideration $55,000.

Benjamin Jamison to Sonder Investments LLC, 1236 Rawlings St., consideration $20,000.

Karen Smith to Chad and Crystal Carr, 2227 Old Springfield Road, Union Township, consideration $270,000.

Richard and Sherryl Hackworth to Robert Johnson, 201 Greenfield Sabina Road S.E., Perry Township, consideration $429,900.

Heather Beatty to Alexander and Kayla Love, 2639 York Road, Perry Township, consideration $155,000.

Recorded Dec. 22, 2020

Jeffrey and Sarah Daniels to Heidi Smith and Gina Sowash, 2828 Snowhill Road, Union Township, consideration $31,000.

Lance Henkle to Michaela Arnold, 112 Midland Ave., Bloomingburg, consideration $162,000.

Kevin and Stefan Roberts to Crystal and Gary Spurgeon, 1083 Spring Lake Ave., Union Township, consideration $232,900.

Anne and David Ginn to Weyes Guys Properties LLC, 1050 Washington Ave., consideration $322,500.

Recorded Dec. 18, 2020

Halliday Development Inc to G&C Wall Properties LLC, Lot 38 Eagles Way, consideration $30,000.

Rachelle and William Wolfe to Amber Storer, 417 Van Deman St., consideration $169,900.

Carmen and Jeffry Wadkins to Jacob Smith, 3083 Hoppers Road, Union Township, consideration $119,900.

Recorded Dec. 17, 2020

Dale Mayer to Charlotte and Irvin Martin, 1208 Route 734 N.W., Jefferson Township, consideration $325,000.

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