Abduction, domestic violence warrants filed for local man


The Washington Police Department recently filed felony abduction and domestic violence warrants for the arrest of Adam C. Morris, who allegedly assaulted his wife and their 10-year-old son.

On Dec. 30, officers were dispatched to a Gibbs Avenue residence in reference to an active domestic incident. A 35-year-old woman told police that she and her husband, Adam Morris, had been arguing all day while several other people were inside the residence. She said that as she was gathering clothing in the laundry room so she could depart, Morris came into the laundry room and cornered her.

The woman said Morris restrained her from leaving, grabbed her by the neck and choked her, according to reports. Morris reportedly let go of the woman, whose mother then asked Morris to leave several times. He refused to leave and the mother then served Morris with an eviction notice.

Morris’s wife reportedly locked herself in a bedroom, but Morris allegedly forced his way inside, continued to argue with her and flipped a lit cigarette at her. He finally left the bedroom after being asked multiple times, reports said.

Morris then allegedly went to another bedroom, locked himself inside and did not allow his wife to gather her cell phone and other belongings. He also broke items inside the room, according to witness statements.

According to his wife, once Morris came out of the bedroom he threatened her again and then allegedly grabbed their juvenile son by the shoulders and threw him into the wall — causing visible red marks on his back and shoulder.

Finally, a man came in and escorted Morris out of the residence and onto the front porch. Morris reportedly said he was not leaving, however his wife was able to get her phone and call the police department. At that time, Morris departed on foot. Officers searched the area but were unable to locate him.

Police took photographs of the signs of assault to the wife’s neck and the juvenile’s shoulder and back. The wife then filled out a voluntary claim of domestic violence, according to reports, and statements were taken from the witnesses inside.

Two warrants for third-degree felony domestic violence and a warrant for third-degree felony abduction were filed. The penalties were enhanced due to Morris having three prior domestic violence convictions, according to police.

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