‘Christmas Greetings’ coming Dec. 22


The “Christmas Greetings” section will be inserted in the Record-Herald on Tuesday, Dec. 22. Also next week, the Record-Herald daily editions will feature several Santa Letters shared with the R-H from local schools and individuals.

The following two letters were submitted by a local family in preparation for the holidays — one letter by big sister, Lucy Joy, and the other as the very first letter initiating little sister, Sutton Grace, into the tradition.

Dear Santa— My name is Lucy Joy, and I am 4-and-a-half years old. For Christmas I would like ballet slippers with ribbons that are pink, a toy frog, a baby-doll and a backpack with fairies on it. Please bring my sister Sutton a squeaky toy, mama new slippers and daddy a superhero mask. I’d like to know how do your reindeer fly?

Love, Lucy Joy Fedon.

PS: I’ll leave you a bag of cereal and strawberries with a glass of milk, and some reindeer cookies for your reindeer.

Dear Santa— My name is Sutton Grace, and I am 4 months old. I would like a baby-doll to chew on, something that makes a shaker sound and a new book. Please bring my sister pink ballet slippers. My first Christmas has been so fun. I love watching the lights on the tree and hearing my sister Lucy sing her versions of Christmas songs!

Love, Sutton Grace Fedon.

PS: I will leave you apple juice and a donut, and an apple for your reindeer!

Do you have any cherished holiday memories or holiday traditions, new or old, that you’d like to share with the community? Submit them to [email protected] to be shared in a later edition of the R-H.

Big sister Lucy Joy (4-years-old) with little sister Sutton Grace (4-months-old).
https://www.recordherald.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/27/2020/12/web1_santa-letter-sibs.jpgBig sister Lucy Joy (4-years-old) with little sister Sutton Grace (4-months-old). Courtesy photo

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