Opinion: Where is the civility and respect?


Dear Editor and citizens of WCH:

This week has brought out some of the worst in America society. The world must be looking on and wondering what has happened to the American dream and compassionate spirit of the American people.

A more than qualified jurist, obviously racially diverse, member of the female gender has been subjected to unwarranted attacks by members of our government mostly because of their hatred towards the President of the United States. The nominee and her family (would you want your children to hear the same false and slanderous questions and accusations directed towards you?) have faced what we hoped would not happen again after the Kavanaugh hearings. Never before have such leading and character assassinating questions been directed toward a nominee.

Gone is the civility and respect that should be directed towards an American citizen. It would be one thing if corruption or crime could be proven, but to have a different philosophical and moral viewpoint seems to be unacceptable and the unpardonable “sin” to a large segment of Americans.

May I briefly give two examples. As I watched the hearings and the “Townhall” meetings this week, my mind went back over 2,000 years ago when a man arrived on the scene bringing Good News to an oppressed race. Despite his message of hope, deliverance, and miracles, the establishment stirred up the masses to hate and eventually murder him and many of his followers. Human nature hasn’t changed much it seems.

And finally, I watch as politicians second guess the way a pandemic has and is being handled. Politicians have a history of providing criticism without a solution. The fact is, the problem is here, and no matter how, or when, or which measures should have been enacted, there should be support from the “whole” country in getting us through this. But pride is a hard trait to control.

I wonder if our local community leaders would be held accountable if we had a localized pandemic? Would the public be satisfied to watch seven city council members criticize, second guess, argue for weeks about what to do while the pandemic raged on? I would hope the citizens would hold us accountable.

Folks in a little over two weeks the election will be over, but unless we come to grips with our attitudes and gain some civility with each other, this poisonous spirit will continue to get worse and worse, and our beloved nation as we have known (even with its faults), will be no more.


Jim Blair

Washington Court House City Councilman

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