‘Political correctness counts for nothing’



I noticed the local media and city council coverage of the demonstration and local protest in support of Black Lives Matter that occurred in front of the courthouse.

I happened by that protest and saw several young people smiling and displaying their Black Lives Matter signs. They appeared happy and enjoying the attention.

I am sure they have no idea that Black Lives Matter is a multi-national corporation that supports a Marxist agenda. The organization is an organized corporation that supports the dismantling of the black nuclear family and oppose religious activities for black communities.

No one apparently notices that when Black Lives Matter shows up in large cities, violence and property destruction follows. Actions speaks louder than words, but it still pays to listen to the words.

Before people get too excited that I’m not being politically correct, listen to the interview with a Black Lives Matter spokesman and the Columbus TV news station. Listen to his words carefully, then view or tour downtown Columbus, and view the destruction left by the peaceful protesters.

We should remember that the death of George Floyd was tragic. That death made him a victim of crime, it did not however, make him a hero.

One hero that never seems to get mentioned was 77-year-old David Dorn. Mr. Dorn was killed by looters during the St. Louis riots while trying to protest a friend’s business. Mr. Dorn was also black and a retired police officer. His life mattered, but we never hear about him. I wonder how many funerals were held to recognize his life.

I am concerned when I see young people supporting an organization without any knowledge of what the organization actually supports simply because the words sound good.

They are obviously unaware that in Chicago, black deaths are a routine event and Black Lives Matter never seems willing to help that situation. This doesn’t reflect well on our educational system or the media coverage of these events.

I will never understand politicians that try to jump on the bandwagon of Black Lives Matter without the judgment to check into the background or funding history of an organization before trying to make it appear something that it is not.

Our elected officials should learn that political correctness or political gain counts for nothing

What matters is that our freedom of speech is used to promote truth and honesty. They need to realize that if Marxists had control of the government, we would not have any of the freedoms guaranteed in our constitution.

Larry Mongold

Local citizen

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