Everyone should get out and vote


Well Fayette County, now is the time to voice your preferences. We have three people running for county commissioner spots where there will only be two spots filled.

Now, I don’t quite understand why in running for this office, you have to choose who you run against. Why wouldn’t it be the two top votes that get the spots, like any other race?

But either way, I think this will be a first time in probably many years that if Mr. Fleak wins, that an office would be filled by straight up head to head election and not appointed during mid-term, as it seems to be the norm here in Fayette County.

I think sometimes, maybe a change is good, get some new ideas and maybe find ways to get things funded without taxing the property owners so much.

We’ve been hit twice within the past two years, one being the EMS, which it appears that the folks in Jefferson Township got a double whammy. Then of course, the new jail, or rather 5-star Hotel as I call it.

Either way, everyone should get out and vote, this is your right, why exercise it?

Jim Cooper

Fayette County resident

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