Perry Township happenings


Dear Editor and Perry Township residents:

Am writing to let you know about some of the Jan. 20 and Feb. 15 Perry Township Board happenings. Trustee Dusty Smith is chairman and trustee Tom Creachbaum is vice-chair for this year. Division of road and cemetery oversight remains the same as past years. The trustees decided not to “ride the roads” with the county engineer as the township roads are in good shape and none appear in need of paving. The trustees will focus upon smaller projects that will help maintain the roads. Smith mentioned possible work on the Barrett Road flooding that had been a concern to a resident in 2018. He felt that some ditching and a tile on the opposite side of the road might help, but not solve the total issue for the resident. Also discussed was using concrete instead of gravel on the first curve on Barrett as the curve cannot be paved.

Berming of roads will be done as needed and currently the county is to berm Ghormley and Beatty roads. Our large 2019 Zimmerman Road project is now completed. In January the township reimbursed a property owner slightly over $5,000 for the replacement of 640 feet of his fencing that was removed as part of this project. In the past the trustees discussed that the 60 foot replacement culvert and the cutting down of the hill by the road leading to the culvert has improved visibility for motorists and for trucks coming to and leaving Roberts Auto Transport. Also, the removal of the hill has benefited the property owners in that they will now be able to use lawnmowers instead of weed eaters on their land beside the road.

Letters have been sent about two nuisance properties, one to the owner of a property on Zimmerman Road and the other to a resident on York Road. The owner of the Zimmerman property has now told his tenant to clean up the property. A letter was also sent to Fayette County Prosecuting Attorney Jesse Weade to move forward about getting the Staunton-Sugar Grove Road flooding problem fixed. Smith noted that this problem has been going on for about 14 years and residents on the road have had enough.

A resident attended the February meeting to inquire about available township cemetery lots and the price of the lots and the cost of opening and closing graves. The resident was informed that lots cost $150 for township residents and $300 for nonresidents. Trustees Smith and Dick Wilson said they charge $500 to open and close graves and $150 for cremations. The resident questioned why the township did not have a website to convey basic information

The trustees looked over truck information from the Ohio Cooperative Purchasing Program. They decided upon a GMC diesel, four-wheel drive, with crew cab, dump bed and a snow plow. They will contact area dealers about the truck.

Janet Anderson

Perry Township resident

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