Restaurant Inspections


Fayette County Public Health recently released the following restaurant inspections:

Aug. 19

Roosters, 120 Crossings Dr. Follow-up inspection. Comments/violations: The prep cooler is now reading at 37 degrees, the dried tomatoes and chopped onions were also 37 degrees therefore the cooler is now safe to store perishable food.

Signature Healthcare, 375 Glenn Avenue. Follow-up inspection. Comments/violations: The reach-in cooler located under the bistro is now reading at 38 degrees and safe to store perishable foods, all food equipment now properly stored.

Wendys 800836, Jeffersonville. Follow-up inspection. Comments/violations: All food contact surfaces observed were clean to sight and touch, all food in the walk in cooler are now properly date marked, utensils and equipment are all now properly stored, dried and smooth and easily cleanable, test strips were provided and accurate, the hamburger cooler is now operational and reading at 38 degrees, the insect control device was removed and placed in a location separate from food and food equipment. Thank you.

Aug. 16

Roosters, 120 Crossings Dr. Follow-up inspection. Comments/violations: All food containers observed were clean to sight and touch and smooth and easily cleanable. One of the prep coolers are not working properly and failed to hold at 41 degrees and below, management and staff are using time as a public health control procedure and discarding all perishable foods every 6 hours as a temporary measure. These food items must be at 41 degrees initially and may not exceed 70 degrees, if any item exceeds 70 degree it must be discarded immediately. Tomatoes were at 48 degrees so under 70 degrees during the inspection, management stated that they will be checking it, monitoring the temperatures of these food items every 30 minutes to ensure safe food and compliance, a copy of their procedures were provided, all equipment must be maintained in a state of good repair.

Aug. 15

Wendy’s 800836, Jeffersonville. Standard inspection, critical control point, variance review. Violations/comments: The pop nozzles and surrounding area were found with soil accumulation, food contact surfaces must be cleaned to sight and touch. Raw hamburger was found at 60 degrees inside of the cold hold hamburger cooler, the meat was discarded immediately, management stated that the unit is down, the cooler may not be used until repaired, reinspected and deemed safe to store perishable food. All perishable food in a cold holding state must be 41 degrees or below to limit the growth of pathogens. Several food items inside of the walk in cooler were found without date markings, the items were date marked during the inspection. A few cracked food containers were found on shelf above the ware wash sink, food or non-food contact surfaces must be smooth and easily cleanable. Test strips were unavailable for the ware wash chemical sanitizer, concentration of sanitizing solution must be accurately determined by using a test kit, management found some during the inspection. The hamburger cooler is reading at 60 degrees, all equipment must be maintained in a state of good repair. An insect controller device was found stored over the ice cream machines, pest control devices must be stored away from food and food equipment to prevent contamination, management displayed poor knowledge of critical control points and critical violations were present.

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