Mrs. Eckles’ class makes ‘Thanksgiving Dinner’


Mrs. Eckles’ Cherry Hill Primary Kindergarten class recently explained how they make a Thanksgiving Dinner.

Cook turkey in the oven and pies and comes out of the oven and Gammy mashes the potatoes. Bake the corn in the oven and put hotdogs in the beans.

— Anna Y.

Well you make turkey and then add some other food and then some people might want to put a candle on the table. And then you add potatoes, milk, and some meatloaf too. Mashed potatoes and gravy. And mac and cheese and some sandwiches. Milk and cookies. And peas and some cake to go with it. And some orange juice and then some deer and then some beef and some dessert for later.

— Wlll V.

You cook and that’s the only thing you do.

— Ariea J.

Instead of a real turkey I’m going to make a gummy turkey. That’s it. And nothing else!

— Pearl W.

First you bake a turkey. Then make mashed potatoes, then green beans. Then ice cream and pumpkin pie. Drinks. Probably some decorations. Then some seats. Mom. And then put some beautiful flowers around, and some people. And probably play some games after the food is eated. Then hockey, hungry hippos, mouse trap and then you’ll have to leave. And dad watches football. I forgotted, he he.

— Kailee S.

My mom will cook Thanksgiving for me, Mae Mae, Ky.

— Kendall T.

During Thanksgiving, my family gathers together and will enjoy a delicious dinner. In the morning, my mom and dad will go shopping for food and turkey. After shopping all of our family members will participate to make the dinner. We will be cooking the fish, drinking the milk, roast the big turkey, and make other foods. Then, we will start eating. “Yummy….it’s so good!”

— Eileen L.

Turkey. When we eat those chip things. Chip and dip. Chicken. A pig. Cut up a pig and you eat it. Call for dinner. I don’t know how to make a turkey. But they find a turkey. Kill it, cut it up, take the skin off it put it on a stick, put wood in rocks and light it and cook it. Then you twirl it take it off the stick, cut into pieces and give it to everyone to eat.

— Richard E.

I don’t know how to make it. Mac and cheese, salad, cereal, pizza, seeds, pumpkin and water, carrots and soup. Dessert. Strawberries, yogurt, and cheesecake.

— Brodie A.

Buy a turkey. Put in oven and bake it. Make mashed potatoes. Make pumpkin pies. Make pudding.

— Iva P.

Put the turkey and the pie in the oven. Make mashed potatoes.

— Lindsay L.

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving for the first time. I want to eat pumpkin pie.

— Kazuto H.

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving for the first time. I want to eat turkey.

— Haruto H.

Bake a turkey in the oven. Mix up mashed potatoes. Cook corn on the stove. Bake a pumpkin pie in the oven. Then we eat with family.

— Tory J.

You cook turkey in the oven. Put mashed potatoes on the stove. You can make rolls. Put butter on them. You can make cookies. Put the dough on the pan and then you put it in the oven. And you can make corn. I like turkey.

— Madison B.

You have to get a big fat turkey and cook it in the oven. Get mashed potatoes and make sure to make extra gravy on the stove. Don’t forget the stuffing and remember to call grandma for some pumpkin pie.

— Jordan G.

Ice cream maybe. Ice cream and cookies, chocolate, one last thing….hearts. Family, food.

— Landon H.

You have turkey and also vegetables. Get a turkey and kill it and put it in the oven. Set it for 5 minutes or 10 minutes and after 5 minutes or 10 minutes you get it out. Get some vegetables and put them on a tray and you get some dip. You make corn like….You get some corn from the cornfield and get the hair stuff out of it and cook it. Then you set it for 5 minutes then you get it out of the oven then you put some butter on it. For the smashed potatoes pour stuff in the bowl. Then you put it on the stove for 10 minutes then you get if off and then put in in the freezer to cool down. Add salt too. So that’s how you make Thanksgiving dinner!

— Cade W.

Umm…Cook turkey!! We make pumpkin pie to eat with whip cream.

— Jeremiah S.

Umm…put turkey in the oven. Turn on my oven. Turn on burners for mac & cheese. I love mac & cheese. I think I need mashed potatoes & gravy. I need tea to drink with extra sugar. I want it extra sweet. We will have pudding, cake, & ice cream for dessert. I eat with my friend & my little sister, Serenity. I put sheets on my table. And it will be night time. I am thankful for all my food.

— Paityn B.

With chicken you put flour in it, sauce and then you add water and stir it like a witch. Then we put water and potatoes in a pan. Then we put sauce in it. Then we smash with the spinner thingy. Then we make soup to eat with mashed potatoes. Then put water in a pan then put the corn in the water. Then put water and green beans together and cook it. We put sauce and pepper on it. Then put it in the oven on 3 degrees for 50 minutes. When it’s done take it out and eat it. Let it cool down for a minute. Put the finger foods on a tray and put it in the oven and take it out and eat.

— Stella E.

You put the chicken in a bowl and then you put mashed potatoes in the bowl with the chicken. Then you stir it and put it in the oven for 30 minutes. Then you put in on a plate and eat it. Then you make more.

— Aubrie G.

You go to the store and buy a turkey. Then you come home and put it in the oven. Then you make a pie. Then you make a plate and eat it.

— Zoey F.

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